To Glamp or not to Glamp?


It seems the newest trend in camping is called Glamping!

This form of camping is a lot more glamorous & is designed for people who want to enjoy the outdoors but want all the comforts of a 5 star hotel.

As I was researching this topic, I realized there are probably a ton of people who would love to do this! It makes a great vacation getaway & you get to enjoy being outside too!

Campers – Glamping 101!

Most people start glamping when they move up to a camper!!! This is not the same as an RV Camper because we are talking basic camper with no amenities!

You can get them new or used but most have room to sleep anywhere from 2 to 8 people & have the basic kitchenette, bathroom with shower & toilet & if it’s a deluxe model it may even have a crank out awning on the outside!!!

There is also a table with benches that converts to a bed, usually a double bed in the front or back, sometimes both front & back & that’s about it!!

This, however, is “better” than an air mattress in a tent! I say that with a tad bit of sarcasm because camper mattresses are not exactly as comfortable as an air mattress, especially a queen size double deep air mattress!!! You don’t have to worry about losing air though so that’s a benefit

RV Camping – Glamping 201!

RV Campers today have all the amenities including electrical hookups so you can operate the refrigerator, microwave, TV & lights!! It’s like a home on wheels!!! They are even air-conditioned so you can go camping in style!

They also are equipped with a vehicle dolly on the back so you can bring the family vehicle to drive when you reach your destination & not have to take the RV into town for whatever necessities you may need. Most have rack on the back for bicycles too!

Besides the basics, they have luxury mattresses & the big bedroom is in the back. There’s a privacy curtain you can close in the front & usually the seats fold down & out to make another bed in the front of the RV. j

Deluxe models have multiple bedrooms on either side in the back of the RV so you can take a lot of people to wherever you’re going.

They have a full kitchen with microwave, stove & sometimes a dishwasher too!

The bathrooms are fully equipped facilities that are usually larger than a regular camper!

The bedrooms feature closets & are roomier than a camper.

They also have the outside awning that cranks out but a lot of times there’s also an outside stove that slides out of the RV for cooking. This is camping in luxury!

Glamping – Vacation style!

If you truly don’t like being in nature in the RV or tent fashion, you have the option to rent a vacation style Glamping palace not far from where you live or far, far away from where you live!!

The only thing you need to bring besides yourself are clothes!! Just like going to a 5 star hotel all the amenities are provided for your enjoyment!!! They literally are popping up all over the world!!

You can camp out on a tropical beach, go to the Grand Canyon, or Zion National Park. How about downtown Manhattan except on an island where Manhattan is your view?

If this is your idea of paradise it can be had at a per night rate and you can even have room service!!!

How amazing is that?

Glamping – Resort style!

Nothing beats going on safari without being on safari!! For the ultimate experience you can rent a luxurious huge tent with all the comforts of home & be surrounded by beautiful rain forest or amazing sandy beaches with beautiful blue seas!!

Some of these resorts require that you bring food but most have restaurants or general stores in the area to shop in. They are offering adventure in the outdoors with luxury accommodations to sleep, eat & relax. You will be able to keep your connection to the outside world with WiFi available in most of them!

This is a great way to get away from it all while being close enough, depending on the location you choose, to make trips into urban America and see the sights! You can even take in Broadway shows or shop in high end boutiques & stores!

This gives a whole new twist on family vacations that not too many people have thought about!! However, the popularity is gaining momentum so don’t wait too long or reserving a spot could get to be a lot harder it is now!


Glamping seems to be the wave of the future for a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t get out in nature because they just don’t like roughing it!

If you find you are one such person, never fear, glamping has arrived! So start planning that next getaway & have a blast going somewhere you didn’t think would ever be possible for you to enjoy!

Any comments, questions, suggestions or ideas can be left in the comment box below & I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Glamping!


16 thoughts on “To Glamp or not to Glamp?”

  1. I really love camping and wish I could do it more – I find that its actually hard to convince any of my friends to spend a weekend in the dirty woods with me hahaha. So throwing out a little more expensive but maybe more glamorous way of doing it, could get more interested.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Super helpful info!

    1. I know especially in this day & age people don’t want to rough it too much! You should check out my glamping post! It’s exactly what your friends would want to do!!
      Thank you for your review & I appreciate that you enjoyed it!

  2. hahahaha. hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. it is just the best term to be used for it. i went on an luxurious camping but i never knew that name, it is more comfortable and more enjoyable. i plan on making some of those trips again

    1. Hi Benny!  Now you know what the latest term for luxury camping is called!!  It’s so good to know that people who don’t get to enjoy the great outdoors have a way to enjoy in comfort & luxury!!  I’m pretty sure after doing this post that it’s one of my goals in the near future!!!  Thanks for your feedback!  

      Let me know about the places you go & I will gladly pass them on to fellow glampers!


  3. Wow honestly I hadn’t heard much about glamping until and I must say I know a lot of people especially some ladies who might even consider camping now. Good to know that I can get a camper with all the bells and whistles such as a basic kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower, a toilet and even in some cases an awning. Renting a huge tent looks pretty amazing from the pictures and truly an elegant way to experience nature. I have saved your post for camping season and I am looking forward to asking a few friends if they want to partake in an adventure thanks to your post, well done!

    1. Hi Pentrental!!  I am so happy you liked my post!  I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love to go camping but don’t like to rough it!!  This is an ideal way for them to try it out!!  It’s very easy to find places to go & either bring a camper or rent an existing vacation glamping spot!  Good luck & have fun!  Let me know how you & your friends like it!  Thank you for your feedback!


  4. Hi Sharon, thank you for this interesting post! I agree with what you wrote, that recently there was a shifting trend that made Camping turn into Glamping. An interesting business idea I think if you want to run.

    However, personally I feel “Camping” is a bit old fashioned today, and this makes me a “To Glamp” team, Yeah! To be honest, I have never had glamping experience due to my daily busyness in the office. However, if you ask ever camping? I often do it in high school.

    Camping is interesting, but there are some ocassion that can make camping unattractive to me. Like a broken tent in the middle of the night in the forest. And the most annoying, as a woman is rain or flood, so that clothes and underwear that are worn and taken all wet. Can you feel that?

    While glamping, I think the location and place has been prepared in such a way that for those who want to feel living in the middle of the forest, can enjoy it maximally (without having to look for firewood for sure).

    As for Sharon, are you the Glamping or Camping Team?

    1. Hi Kylie!  Thanks for the feedback & I’m glad you liked my post.  I am on the Camping Team, however, the reason I wrote this post is because it’s a very big possibility in the near future to try this as a family vacation!  I am not adverse to trying it & I have a sneaky feeling that I may like it!  I totally understand about the wet clothes, surviving thunderstorms, collecting firewood, etc.can be the not so fun side of camping, unless you make it an adventure!  We have survived a lot of those things & then when we are home & dry & safe, we look back on it & laugh about it!!  It’s all part of camping!!  The best part always is doing this with family & friends so you have shared memories!

      Please let me know you experiences on glamping in the future!!  I would love to hear about where you went & how you liked it!


  5. I’ve never heard of glamping but I love it! I’m not a fan of big traditional hotels with their rules and everything so when we went on holiday we always chose some small hostel or something like bed and breakfast. Last year, we even remodelled an old van and went on holiday with it. It was a big adventure and we loved it but to be honest, there was a downfall we didn’t have a bathroom in the van. But to rent a glamping accommodation would be just perfect for us, I think!
    Thanks for writing this interesting article! 

    1. Hi Lenka!  I’m sure you will really enjoy glamping because it looks like fun!!  I did see that this trend is catching on worldwide so finding spots should be rather easy!!  All I did was google glamping locations & I got a ton to choose from!  Good luck on your next holiday & let me know how you liked it!  

      Thanks for giving me feedback on my post & I’m so happy you enjoyed it!


  6. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say that I really love camp as I did it alot when I was a kid and even till now I still love doing it even though most of my friends wouldn’t really what to follow me in those dirty woods to stay all weekend,but I think spending some cash on camping in resort style.thanks once more.

    1. Hi Feji ben thanks for your feedback & I’m so glad you like my post!  I know quite a few people who are like your friends & when they find out about this new trend, they too will be able to enjoy the great outdoors!!  All of us need to enjoy this beautiful country that we live in.  Let me know how they like glamping!!  I’m really interested to know how many people will get pleasure from this type of camping!  


  7. ‘Glamping’ sign me up right now. I would feel like a bit of a fraud though. Isn’t the whole camping experience not having the all the ‘mod-cons’ available and on demand ? I’ll be honest though, my own adventures under a cloth roof have not been the best.

    Trailer tent was the closest we came to the outdoors life. First night out and the river came up through the floor, maybe a slight exaggeration but we got flooded out, nonetheless. So yes ‘glamping ‘ would be something I would entertain. I think we could do the basic, as long as we were dry and warm overnight, all would be good. I enjoy the walk across a campsite for the morning wash and water collection. 

    Having all the comforts of home would be nice but then you may as well be in a hotel. I’d take a decent tent, with a good bed, or the camper van. No need for more than that to make it a good time, right in amongst the nature.

    1. Hi Twack Romero!  Thanks for the feedback on my post & yes, camping is all about getting out in the great outdoors & roughing it!!  Everyone has their own idea of that term though & therefore glamping is the new trend for people who don’t necessarily need to be Crocodile Dundee!!  It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors & have the amenities you want!  

      Let me know how you do with this kind of camping!  I would love to hear about your next adventure!


  8. Hello Sharon, Thanks for writing on Glamping. I haven’t done yet but from your post I feel that I have do do glamping. I enjoy your post while reading. You have done a grate work for those who are willing to enjoy their life more. 

    Now I am planing for glamping in the coming year 2020. Thank you helping me.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Parveen I am so glad you liked my glamping post & are going to try it this year!  That’s totally awesome!  Please let me know how you like glamping.  I personally have never tried it either but I have a lot of friends who swear by it so it’s my goal to also try it this year.  Perhaps we can compare experiences!!!  Thank you for your feedback & please feel free to check out any of my posts on my website!   Happy Glamping!

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