Tent Camping – Which one is best for you?


Most people who go camping develop a preference for a certain style of tent.

I myself prefer a cabin tent because I feel they have more room than a dome tent. I also understand how to erect a cabin tent better than a dome tent. LOL!

So today I thought the best thing I could do was a comparison for those people who want to camp but are maybe having a little bit of a problem choosing the style of tent to purchase.

Most of my camping experience is with a cabin tent. If you have a larger family or simply prefer a roomier tent, then the cabin tent is probably for you. It has straight wall construction so that you have more room to stand up, change clothes & just move around in. If you have a problem with claustrophobia, this is definitely the tent for you!

Cabin Tents

Every type of tent comes in different sizes so you can choose the one that fits your needs. The different sizes, of course, have different prices & range anywhere from $50 to the sky’s the limit!!

Some of the features that you may be interested in are more room, screened attached porches, privacy dividers, windows, doors, curtains, etc. You also can buy a cabin tent with attached rooms and this is also true of dome tents.

Depending on the size though, they may be a little difficult for one person to assemble & put up. They also tend to be made of heavier material like canvas and the poles are usually made of a steel compound. Therefore, the collapsed tent will be heavier.

However, in stormy weather I personally prefer a cabin tent because it has been my experience that they will withstand storms better dome tents.

Dome Tents

Dome tents are a newer invention to the camping world & are made of aluminum alloy poles & usually a nylon type material. They are very lightweight & easy to assemble.

If you don’t have a problem with being in more confined quarters, the dome tent will probably suit your needs just fine. They are easy for one person to assemble & are lightweight enough to carry into remote areas if that is what you are looking for.

Some of the features that you may want are being lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to find 4 season (all season) tents for the person who wants to just grab & go anytime of the year.

The down side of a dome tent is they aren’t very spacious & I have seen them fill with air during a storm & be pulled up out of the ground. They will roll away in a storm like a ball!! It’s truly an amazing sight to see!

Dome tents also come with attached screened porches, added rooms, privacy dividers and come in a variety of sizes & prices. Just like cabin tents they range from as low as $50 to the sky’s the limit!!

Tent Varieties

I have been camping most of my adult life & until now I never realized how many varieties of tents there are on the market! This could make choosing a tent a very daunting task indeed!

For example, there are 1 person to 20 person tents of all shapes & sizes. There are also pup tents for a single person & pop up tents. Cabin tents, dome tents, Klondike tents, screened tents, etc.

The pop up tent looks like it can be a whole adventure of its own. It’s very easy & convenient to take out of the bag it comes in & once you take it out it just pops up & you are ready to camp! Getting it back in the bag, however, can be just a little tricky!! I watched a video on this & I strongly suggest that anyone who buys one does exactly that! Good luck to you.

I’m a list kind of person so I would write a list of requirements that me & my family would need & then go shopping online first. I might not necessarily buy online, however, that is the most convenient way to do this & shipping is usually free with a $50 or more purchase.


Investing in a healthy pastime

Buying a tent is a pretty large investment, however, it can be so rewarding. It doesn’t matter if you are going camping alone or with a large group like your family or friends, getting outdoors & spending time in nature helps you relax and recharge!

Getting fresh air and exercise is worth every penny you spend, however, the most important decision is which type of tent to buy. In order for the camping experience to be fun, you need a tent that is easy for you and your family to assemble & not take a long time to do so. That way at the end of the camping trip the family will want to do it again & again!

If you have pets that would fit into this experience, bring them with you because they will love the bonding time with their family too! And as we all know, dogs especially love to be included & love to be spoiled by the camp food!! LOL

Turning off the TV, the cell phone & getting out into nature is a very healthy way to bond with family & friends. Give it a try & you will be hooked for life!

Tent camping at it’s finest!

Whether going it alone or camping with family & friends, tent camping is the best medicine any doctor could prescribe!

We still have a lot of real estate that needs to be explored and being outside is an elemental need in all of us. There is no adventure better than sitting around a campfire making smore’s with the people you love & looking at the beauty that surrounds us.

It’s never too late to start so go shopping for that perfect tent for you & your loved ones!!!

Please feel free to ask questions & leave comments below & I will gladly respond as soon as possible!

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8 thoughts on “Tent Camping – Which one is best for you?”

  1. Eventually I will be getting into camping again.  I remember my childhood being so happy tenting with sleeping bags.  I never understood the people that used RV’s.  There is nothing like staying outside having a fire and then when you go to bed you still smell nature.  Thank you for the different types of tents.  The black and white picture is a great visual for me in trying to decide what kind of tent I should get.  I am about to have my first kid but soon I would love to take my family camping.

    1. Hi Eric!  Thanks for the feedback & I’m glad this post has rekindled the desire to go camping again!  When I don’t get to go camping I miss it so much!  

      Most of my posts are connected to Amazon because they seem to have the best prices & products for camping & it’s something that you can overspend on in a hurry!!  It’s worth it though because you get to make family memories for years to come!  

      So I put a link above so when you’re ready you have a link to get the best prices & availability!

  2. Hi Sharon! 

    Thank you for your article! It is well written, and very informative. I never knew that there were so many different types of tents either. I like the idea of a pop-up tent, but feel like they may be small in size, and then hard to put back together, as you mentioned. 

    I’ve never tried a cabin tent, but use to have a Kelty six person tent back in my younger days, that was awesome! It was easy to set up, and put away, and as you mentioned in your article, light to carry. 

    Now that I have a family however, I’m thinking that we may need to go another route when it comes time to purchase a tent. Do you have a recommendation on a tent that is good quality, sleeps six comfortably, and is easy to set up/put away?

    1. Hi Brandy!  I totally understand about the set up & take down of a tent.  It needs to be easy & I have discovered that there are some amazing tents on the market now!  Not like the good old days lol

      Here is a link to Amazon that you can follow to shop & when you click on the picture of the tent you’re interested in it takes you to another screen & tells you all about that tent!  There are also great reviews on every product too so you can see for yourself if it’s easy to use or not!  

      I would love to hear what you find & how you like it!!  Please keep in touch!

      Happy Camping!


  3. Hi Sharon, Thanks a lot for sharing nice article about Tent camping.The details you discuss about the tent in this article are truly commendable.I also like the cabin tent like yours because it is more comfortable than the others.

    This article is very important for those who are camping in different places.Because everyone who reads this article will know the details about Tent.I would like to share your article on my social media to share this experience with you, if you happy with me.

    1. Thank you for your interest in my post & share away!!!  The tent prices & most of the products on them are available on Amazon so here is a link for you to use!

      I hope you choose to go camping it’s an amazing adventure!


  4. Many thanks for the nice article. Your article is informative as well as educative. 

    Firstly this article is really helpful for me because I am a traveler. I am traveling for a long time. Traveling the world makes my mind healthy. It is better for my physical and mental health. Camping is a familiar term to me. Tent camping is really enjoyable. But in your post, I come to know that which one is best. There is a lot of varieties of tent. I agree with you that cabin tent is better than a dome tent. I have found many problems with it. So recommend people to do a cabin or other tent instead of a dome tent. Thanks for the article. One can earn enough knowledge about tents through the article.

    1. Thank you very much for you comments on this post!  I am not a world traveler but getting outside & going camping refreshes my mind, body & soul.  I do love cabin tents because they are roomier than dome tents but that is changing.  I also like cabin tents because you can get longer tent stakes & make sure they are firmly staked into the ground in case of storms.  

      Thanks again & I’m very happy that this was educational & informative for you!

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