Product Review – Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent, 8 ft

Have you ever wanted to just get in your truck & go camping?

Well now you can!

I have researched the newest trend in camping & believe I have found a top of the line product in the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent!

Check out the features of this great tent!


Made to last for years of use with Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas!! It’s durable, watertight & breathable!


The unique cord weave construction makes this tent totally waterproof but gives it the advantage of air flow! Stands up to all types of weather including snow. It is not able to withstand a large snow accumulation however so keep this in mind when camping in snow country!

Also, there is no floor in the tent so you can’t put tears in the bottom!! A sleeping cot or truck bed air mattress will definitely be needed & will make this tent comfortable for sleeping.


This tent has a grand total of 5 windows which provide excellent ventilation & openness, including a cab access window! Because of the roof type overhang on the front & back you can open the windows & not worry about rain coming in the tent during a rain storm.


Sturdy 3/4 inch steel tube frame connects to the clamp on rails that easily mount on the truck bed for a secure fit.

Recommended by several customer product reviews is to buy 4 inch C clamps because the 2 inch C clamps that are included aren’t strong enough to hold the tent in the truck bed during bad weather.

Great Design:

The tunnel shaped design maximizes interior space with a 5 ft ceiling height that spans the length of the truck bed. Putting the tailgate down also expands usable space.


The spacious tunnel shaped interior this tent is easily accessible & the great part is being off the ground so you don’t have to worry about small critters getting in while you’re sleeping!


This tent sleeps 2 people comfortably. With an 8-foot truck bed it’s possible to have room for small children is needed.

Camping Convenience:

You can either go to campsites or you can go off-road & make your own campsites!! Anywhere you can park your truck you can go camping!



Overall this truck bed tent is a very good deal!! It’s designed to give you years of camping pleasure. You can camp anywhere you can park your truck whether that’s a campground or wide open spaces. It does take a little practice to set up by yourself but is very doable! The only thing I saw in reading customer reviews is getting heavier C clamps to hold the tent in the truck bed.

So if you’re in the market for a new adventure & a little more freedom to roam about while camping, please follow this link here to your camping destination!

Any questions, comments, remarks or opinions are welcome!! I will get back to you as soon as I can & thank you for your feedback!

Happy Camping!


26 thoughts on “Product Review – Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent, 8 ft”

  1. Thank you for your review on Kodiak Truck Bed. I cannot wait for the Spring to come so I can just go camping and see nature for once! (I live in NYC, we have cement jungle). The tent looks amazing and seems to be simple to set up. Now I no longer need to walk around and find the solid ground to set up the tent! My husband will be so excited! 


    1. Hi Nuttanee!  

      Thanks for your feedback on my post & I’m so excited for you and your husband!  This is a perfect solution for you two!  

      I grew up in a city so I totally understand what you mean about the concrete jungle!  My mom would load us up & get us to the countryside on a regular basis in the spring & summer so we could enjoy the earth under our feet!

      There are a couple of links on this post so explore & see what you find that works for  you!

      Happy camping to you!


  2. Thank you for your great product review of the Kodiak canvas truck with an 8foot bed tent. I do believe that waterproof, ventiliation, sturdiness and durability are all the most important attributes of a bed tent and that they make up if it is good quality or not. What seperates this bed tent from others that you can buy?

    1. Hi Jon!

      Thanks for your feedback on this post!  I literally just got pictures & a couple of links added & had 9 reviews by the time I got that done lol!

      What I think makes this tent stand out is the fact that it is built well.  Kodiac is a very high quality product & they stand behind their products.  Because it is made with canvas it will last longer than the synthetic blend tents that are also available.  Being canvas lets in air flow so that moisture doesn’t build up on the tent surface so you will have less chance for mildew & mold to destroy the tent also.

      Please feel free to go back to my website & check out the pictures and the links that are there.  There is even a video on the page where this tent is sold!

      Thanks again & happy camping to you!


  3. Ventilation is very important (depending on the weather where you’re going on camping). 5ft tall is luxurious for this type of solutions.

    Camping is a great opportunity to get some detoxification of technology and away from cities pollution. Most of my best family memories are from camping days with my whole family! It’s always a challenge, starting with accommodations type, but it always worth it.

    My current tend is kind of low in space as our family keeps growing. It’d be great to get this one for keeping the children (3 in total) off the ground.

    Thanks for an excellent product review post!

    1. Hi Juan!  

      Thanks for the feedback on my post!  I really appreciate it!

      And please feel free to check out more of my posts on my website because there are more types of tents now than just on the ground or in trucks.  They now have tents that you can attach to a car, van or SUV or you can put them on the rooftop of the car, van or SUV!!

      Whether you want to camp on the ground, in a truck, car, van or SUV you can find plenty of options to choose from!

      I have lots of pictures on these review posts & links to take you to the pages where you can shop & buy them!

      Feel free to explore & happy camping to you!


  4. Thank you so much for sharing this post here and the review is really detailed. The review of this Kodiak canvas truck bed tent is immense and surely great to see. For a truth,  this tent bed would be of good help especially for people like us who use RV and also sleep on the road too. Thanks

    1. Hi Rodarrick!

      Thanks for  your feedback on my post!  If you didn’t see any pics on there I have just now added those & a couple of links too! 

      I very glad you enjoyed this post & I really appreciate the encouragement!

      And yes, this tent in the bed of a truck is an amazing idea and is great for RV campers.  It seems a little more convenient that packing up an entire RV to go motoring too!

      Happy Camping to you!


  5. Awesome review! 

    You’ve answered every question that would be asked when thinking of purchasing something. 

    I love camping so this review really peaked my interest. Very well written and informative.

    I hope you don’t mind me suggesting that you put a picture of the truck bed tent so we can see the product you’re talking about. Pictures are worth a thousand words 😉

    All the best,


    1. Hi Melissa

      Thanks for your feedback on this post!  I literally just finished putting pictures & a couple of links on this post so people could see what this beautiful tent looks like!

      You can definitely tell when you have a post that people love because this one is on fire!  lol

      Please return to my website & check out those pictures & links!  I’m sure you will be impressed.  

      Happy camping & if you need any help, just let me know!


  6. Hi

    Right up my ally, this goes well with my niche for off roading. I like camping and am in the market for a new tent. It is always difficult to get a high quality tent. Your information gave me a new option. I like the fact that it goes in your truck bed, I am sure this saves a lot of packing space as well. Where will I be able to purchase this tent? Do you maybe have some photos of it set up so that I can get a better picture in my head on how it looks? (The link is not working) 

    1. Hi Martin!  

      Thanks for your feedback!  Seriously, this post is on fire!  I just finished it @ 15 minutes ago with pictures & links.  There is a link at the top & one at the bottom & I just checked them & they will take you right to the page on Amazon for this tent!  

      I have some really good pictures of the exterior & interior of this tent on this post so please go back to look again!  

      Thank you for your interest & this is a great tent!  I liked it a lot!

      Happy Camping to you!


  7. Hi Sharon. I just finished reading your article, and I found it very useful for people who like going out alongside the mother nature. I also like going camping, but I haven’t done this for years now I do miss it a lot. When I was a kid, I remember that with my family every weekend we were camping in different places and just enjoying the freedom of nature. I also remember that we never had a decent tent and I wish I had your articles a few years ago so I could buy a proper tent. Anyway, I will have that tent model in consideration for future adventures. 

    1. Hi Petar!  Thanks for your feedback on my post!  I appreciate it very much & it’s great encouragement!

      I totally understand where you’re coming from & when I don’t get to go camping, it seems like a very long winter indeed!  I miss camping and getting out in nature when that happens.

      Have done a lot of camping with family & friends & it’s so great that the camping experience is evolving so that more & more people can enjoy it!

      Please feel free to explore my website anytime and see what else is there.  I do have a couple of posts that will help with prices on tents at clearance prices and on sale.  There are links on quite a few of my pages.  I don’t know if you are in the US or not but it might at least give you some ideas!

      Happy Camping


      1. Thank you, Sharon. I am based in the UK but if I need any help with camping equipment or advice I will certainly visit your website for more information.

  8. Hi Sharon

    To go trucking and camping together, sounds like a marriage made in heaven as often you think this is impossible. You think that you cannot sleep under the stars and you have to make do with the your truck. You make this bed tent sound like a wonder and as long as it is comfortable to sleep in and can take strong winds then I will be happy. 

    How many people can use the tent at the same time.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Antonio  Just got this post finished with pictures & a couple of links to see more details about it!!  It sleeps 2 people comfortably & I do understand about sleeping in the bed of your truck!  Tried it myself a couple of time but not really comfortable so the idea of being able to put a tent up in the bed of a truck is fantastic!

      Thanks for the feedback on this post!

      Happy camping to you!


  9. Hi, I am glad I landed on this page. Camping is one of the things that my husband and I enjoy doing, we usually do it in the spring and summertime because we had not found a nice tent that can withstand rain and some amount of snow. After reading your review, it sounds like this tent is just what we need.

    We already have an air bed so that is not a problem for us.

    I like that the tent is well ventilated with 5 windows because I do feel like I can’t breathe if the tent does not have many windows, it could be ventilated but I still feel like it’s not well ventilated just because I don’t see many windows lol. The fact that this tent fits 2 people is good and since we don’t have small children, we will have lots of room.

    Of course, it’s very important that a tent be waterproof because the last thing you want is to be in a tent that lets the water in when it rains lol if it can withstand a little amount of snow is good because that means if it starts snowing, you have time to evacuate without running into troubles.

    Thank you for this review, super helpful.


    1. Hi Rose!  Thanks for your feedback on this tent!  I just finished the post & added pictures & a couple of links if you’re interested you can just click on them to see more!  

      I didn’t realize how popular it’s getting to be able to go where you want & when you want to camp!!!  

      Have fun in your camping adventures & happy camping to you both!


  10. Hello Sharon, nice to see you share your review of Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent. I love the features of this truck bed tent is really caught my attention. I love the fact that it is durable and will last several years. I love the fact that it is waterproof and also has windows for ventilation. Comfortable is one thing I don’t joke with, being comfortable using this truck bed tent would be something worth experiencing. I love it…

    1. Hi Mr Biizy!  Thanks for you feedback on my product review post!  

      I am so happy you love it!  Me too!  And you’re right comfort is never something to joke about!  I hope you give it a try!  I think it’s the wave of the future in camping!

      Happy camping to you!


  11. Hiya Sharon

    Thank you for your extremely interesting article about the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent. My man is a Gypsy and we like to camp! I think that one of these tents would be the perfect addition to our camping facilities. It means that the ‘girls’ can all sleep in the trailer and the ‘boys’ could have the tent to themselves, brilliant! Please tell me it ships to the UK? 

    One thing, the floor of the truck bed isn’t flat it’s sort of corrugated, would a large piece of wood or chipboard be advisable as flooring or might it be a hazard under a floor less tent? Is it easy to store when not in use? Can you drive the truck with the tent still up? (not with anyone inside obvs) 

    I’m so excited about this, I cannae wait to wake my man up and see what he thinks of it! I’m bookmarking so I can show him, thank you again for transforming the way we camp, krs PurpleLioness 

    1. Hello PupleLioness!  

      Thanks for the feedback on my post & I’m so happy you like it.  This truck bed tent is carried in the US by Amazon & I asked the question on that website if this tent shipped to the UK.  Unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally yet.  Do not despair because you should be able to find a supplier somewhere in the UK!  

      It’s a Kodiak product, however, this trend is really catching on so I’m sure if you went looking you could find it!

      Good luck to you & Happy Camping!


    1. Hi Maggie
      It does really look easy to use & I looked at the reviews too! A lot of them said to do some practice with it at home first to get used to setting it up & then it’s a breeze & can be done by one person pretty easily! I like the fact that it’s a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground & less worries of critters coming around!
      Thanks for the review!

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