Product Review – Coleman 9 person Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent

It has not failed to amaze me as to how much camping has changed! It’s growing & expanding in leaps & bounds!

Anyone who has ever wanted to go camping & be comfortable can now do so, whether you’re in a camper, RV, or tent!

I love seeing this recreational activity grow although it will get a lot more crowded out there!


This tent comes with LED lighting in it! It of course runs on batteries (which are not included) but no more fumbling around looking for a flashlight in a dark tent!!!

It was suggested that the lighting can be used as a night light for children but I’m not sure if that’s an entirely safe option since the light may draw animals to it at night.

Ceiling Fan:

There also is a battery operated ceiling fan. Most of the reviews were not very impressed with this option except for one person who bought a battery pack for his & he said it worked like a charm! So just using the batteries it calls for may not be enough to get a lot of benefits from this.

Personally, I like this idea so buying a battery pack to get it to operate at maximum capacity is no big deal. The idea of being able to take a snooze in the middle of the day is a bonus! After all, you’re camping so you can be able to do what you want when you wan to!

Spacious Interior:

This tent sleeps 9 people comfortably. There is enough room inside to have 2 queen size air mattresses with room for belongings & other stuff! Since it’s a cabin tent you have enough room to stand up in it to change clothes, dress, etc. Interior measures 10X14 feet!

Easy Set up:

The set up is easy with snag-free poles & insta-clip suspension! According to the reviews it’s super easy to set up & with just a little practice one person can easily do it by themselves!

Waterproof Exterior:

This tent has the patented Weather Tec system & rainfly. What that means is water runs off of it & keeps the interior extremely comfortable & dry. Read a lot of reviews that raved about this feature!!

I personally have had horrible experiences with tents saying they were waterproof & then not being waterproof so this is a big bonus!

Quality Construction:

This tent includes high quality material and workmanship! Most customer who have purchased this tent have given it a 5 star rating!


Made to last for years and year of camping fun. As always, when packing up your tent, it should be dry. If it’s not dry, it’s a very good idea to set it up in your yard at home to let it dry completely!

Customer Ratings:

Overall, this tent has been given a 4.2 star rating out of 5. That’s really good & I only saw one rating that was good. All in all this tent in my opinion is a very good buy! I saw a lot of rave reviews that said it was fantastic & had a 5 star rating!


I am very impressed with this Colemand Prairie Breeze tent that sleeps up to 9 people & has lights & a fan!!! That’s amazing!! It’s durable and made from quality materials, waterproof & stays dry & comfortable in storms. There’s room for 2 queen size air mattresses with extra room because the interior is 10 X 14 ft. On top of all that it’s easy to set up & take down!

If you would like prices & availability on this product, please follow this link.

If you have further questions, want to leave a comment or opinion, please feel free to do so in the comment box below. I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Camping!


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