Product Review – Camp Chef Pro60X Bundle

Sometimes I need to do a product review because certain products will stand out as a great value & can last a long time so that even though the initial investment is larger, the product will last a longer period of time!

Product Review:

The Camp Chef Pro69X Bundle comes with a lot of accessories to use with it such as;

The hose to hook up the gas cylinder, the burner box to grill bread & buns in, a single burner griddle to cook pancakes, potatoes, etc. & a 12 inch iron skillet with a 5 piece utensil set!!!

Set up is easy & clean up is a breeze!!

Cooking on this camping stove is easy since it has 2 side boards (one on each side of the cooking area) to put utensils, plates or even hot food or the 12 inch cast iron skillet that’s included!


This stove has legs that fold up & down for storage or set up, whichever one you’re doing!  This is great for being able to cook on it because you can literally stand at the stove & cook!

Both side boards fold in the cover the cook top so you can fold up the entire cooking surface & store it in a nice dry place until the next camping adventure!!


This product looks very durable & since it’s easy to clean & store, it will last for years.  Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to clean & easy to store!!!


Most camping stoves come with just the stove set up.  This bundle is amazing!!  Where can you find a griddle, burner box, 12 inch cast iron skillet & 5 piece utensil set that goes with the stove?

This is a great deal & it’s on sale too!


The Camp Chef Pro60X Bundle is a great buy and there’s no time like now to start getting ready for the next camping season in style!

It’s a great camping stove with awesome accessories & it’s on sale!

Best place to buy:

Please feel free to comment below, if you have any questions I will get back to you as soon as possible & if you would like to share recipes, favorite adventures or anything else, please feel free to do so!

Happy Camping!


6 thoughts on “Product Review – Camp Chef Pro60X Bundle”

  1. You have to love a good portable bbq! As much as I love to cook on a bonfire, sometimes I just want something convenient but still tasty. Can’t go past a good snag on the barbie!

    1. Yeah Zak you’re right!! Cooking on a BBQ is fantastic!! It always tastes better!!! Heck we’ve even cooked on our BBQ at home in the middle of a snow storm or two!!
      Thanks for your review on my website!

  2. This sounds like an amazing deal. I especially like how it has two side boards. What a great idea! I never have enough places to put things when I’m camping. It is so useful to have your utensils beside you as a you cook and another sideboard to put the food on. Thank you for your helpful review.

    1. Becky thank you for your review! I agree 100% about not having enough space to put things when you’re cooking. It really is useful to have those side boards especially two of them!
      There are links to follow for prices & availability.
      Thanks again!

  3. Sounds like a nice product to me. And you covered all aspects that are important. This is something I will look into.

    Thanks for sharing.

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