Outdoor Camping Accessories – When is it enough?


Going camping is an incredible experience and very beneficial & healthy for everyone. Being able to decompress from the hectic day to day life we all live is so good for us!

Now that we have the core necessities of camping, we now need to complete the picture by getting the remainder of stuff to bring with so we can have our creature comforts in the great outdoors.

Some things you might need are:

A camp stove, pots & pans, frying pans, cooking utensils, plastic ware (forks, spoons, knives), paper plates (burnable), seasonings, coolers, groceries, beverages, gas cylinders for stove, matches, etc

Depending on your needs or the needs of your family will determine how much stuff you need to go camping & enjoy it! Most people have a limited amount of space so making a list or two is a fantastic idea. Otherwise, you might forget things & it’s too late when you arrive at the campgrounds!


This is usually someone who loves to roll up the tent, backpack, some cooking utensils & survival equipment and off they go!

They take water with them or have a favorite spot they have access to good clean water so they can camp & live off the land like the pioneers did. They are usually very rugged people who want their space & alone time. Totally understandable & good for you!

When packed correctly it’s amazing how much you can put in a frame & backpack to go trekking in the wilderness! We do still have a lot of wildernesses out there. It’s wise to have experience before you attempt this kind of outdoor adventure though because then you become a rescue & hopefully everything will turn out good. Respect for wilderness areas is a very healthy thing.


This is someone who has to have everything they could need for creature comfort. Most of the time they own RV’s because they want comfort & be able to get a good night’s sleep!

They also want the TV, microwave, fridge, bathroom, shower as well as the bedroom. And yeah don’t forget the kitchen!!!

I am not knocking RV camping at all. If anything, I’m a little jealous because they really don’t have much to do to set up their camp after they get to their destination! I think I just convinced myself to look into this closer!! LOL


Most of the population make choices to take along necessities that will make camping enjoyable for them & their family. I, for instance, always brought an assortment of clothes for all types of weather.

I also take food, beverages, coolers, cooking stove & all the pan, pots, dishes, etc. that go along with this. Of course, you always should have bug spray, sun screen, first aid kit & band aids with you.

A lot of time you have to bring firewood or there won’t be a fire at all. And an axe or chainsaw come in handy when the wood needs to be cut to shorter lengths too!

Group Camping!

This kind of camping is like a smorgasbord because everyone brings their own food & camping gear as usual so there is a plethora of supplies to share with each other to make a great camping experience!!

Family reunions are a perfect example of this & there is always great food to be eaten & enjoyed while your camping!!! Yum, yum!

There’s also a sense of teamwork & sharing on these kinds of trips that bring people closer together and that’s a beautiful thing!

So when is it enough?

It’s enough when you decide you have what you need to enjoy your outdoor adventures!! The choice is totally yours & with a little experimentation, you’ll soon learn what fits you and your loved ones!!!

I know there have been a few camping trips where without making a list I seriously left a lot behind that was really needed. Didn’t make that mistake too many times so it’s a learning experience & it was really kind of fun when you look back on it!

After all, what’s camping without some adventure thrown in??

So when do you have enough accessories to go camping & enjoy yourself?  Please feel free to leave comments below!

Happy Camping everyone!!

Please leave any questions or comments below & I will gladly answer them as soon as possible!






Camping tents – Family size and Larger!


One of my best memories is the family reunion camping trip!!!  My mom, brothers & sisters, nieces, nephews & our entire extended family went camping for a weekend of fun, food, family bonding, swimming and sun!!!

It was a wonderful weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves.  Camping and outdoor activities is a wonderful way to bond with your family.  So if you’re wondering how to get your kids and spouse to spend some qualify time together going camping is a great way to do this!

We didn’t have any campers so we all slept in tents and on camping beds of one type or another.  Now this was quite a long time ago so we all just brought our own tents and that is still a great way to camp today.

If, however, you have a larger family to take camping, then looking into getting a larger tent to camp in.  Having a separate tent for your children isn’t always a viable option unless they are older so they have tents that you can add rooms to with privacy dividers so you also can have some privacy from one another.

Large Camping Tent Rooms

There a so many features on the market today!  For instance, you can now get a tent & add additional rooms for the children to sleep in, screened porches so the pets have somewhere to sleep close to you & privacy dividers so you have privacy to change clothes.

Cabin tents do have more room than dome tents, however, whichever one you prefer will be fine to use.  There are some really large dome tents available for larger families or groups.

The best part about a tent that you can add rooms onto is that you can have a small, medium or large tent!  Most of these types of tents have zippers under the window/door flaps & all you have to do is zip on an additional room & put the tent stakes in to complete assembly.

Very Large Camping Tents

I have been researching different locations to find different types of tents as well as different sizes.

Sometimes you need a tent for a very large gathering.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use it just for camping.  They can be used on occasions where the weather can be a factor in how the event that you’ve spent months planning goes.  I don’t know about anyone else but if I’m planning an outside event especially in summer you have to factor in the weather for that day.  Therefore, a very large tent or canopy of some kind may be needed to hold all the people who are there.

The bonus to this type of tent is that if you also have a large family, it will last for years until you maybe need it for graduation parties or family gatherings!!

This size tent is truly an investment so shopping around is a great way to find a deal!

Large Camping Tents Clearance Sale

When shopping for any tent, it is a really great idea to shop around.  You can shop online today & shipping is free & will be at your door in a week or two!  There are some amazing deals to be found, especially in the fall when the summer camping season is over.

I know a lot of people who love to camp after Labor Day weekend because the camping areas are not so crowded & it’s a lot more peaceful.  You also get to see the trees changing colors, the geese gathering to fly south & catch some great fish!!

Dogs like to go camping, especially in the fall, because they are cooler then and it’s more comfortable for them!  I know our dog just loved to go camping & she was a very good camp dog.

Camping Tents for Dogs!

A tent of their own at night with dog beds in it might help them to feel safe like that.  After all, they are part of the family too!

I do believe it works a lot better if it’s attached to the larger tent, however, just in case they start barking or need to get outside in the middle of the night to relieve themselves.

I prefer this because they will hear & feel storms coming faster than you will too.  They have a lot better hearing so having a dog who doesn’t get anxious over every little sound is a big bonus to you.  They do tend to let you know if someone or something is in the area.  Who needs a burgler alarm when you have a dog?  LOL

Camping checklists

As I have said in a previous post, making lists helps me get organized & not forget to take anything with me.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just you going camping or a group of 40, making lists helps to make sure you have what you need to enjoy the camping experience.  After all, not having matches to light the fire or camp stove is pretty important as well as having warmer clothes when it cools off at night!

Being organized & working together helps make the chores of loading, unloading & setting up the campsite fun & enjoyable!!  It becomes part of the entire experience & gives you quality time with you friends & family.

Camping and enjoying the outdoors is an investment in you and your family but the rewards are having a tight knit family with great family values.  It helps children learn how to camp properly without being a risk to nature or themselves & it helps adults to teach their children how to enjoy & respect nature.

Happy Camping!!

Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below & I will gladly respond as soon as possible!







Camping beds – comfort vs roughing it

In this day & age, our society has pretty much become used to instant gratification. What’s this got to do with camping beds you ask?

Well, let me tell you there are a lot of camping beds on the market!!! You can get a single depth twin air mattress up to a camping bed with a frame & on sale this is over $250!!

There are also double, queen & king-size mattress beds. The new trend seems to be with electric pumps in them to make it easier to inflate them!! There is also a queen size double air mattress with dual adjustable sides so you can adjust it to fit you & your partner can adjust their side to fit them. Wow!

Of course, if you are still a die hard go to the wilderness kind of camper you can still just bring a good sleeping bag & really rough it too!

Making a choice on beds can be a daunting task so doing research so you get what fits you is great & maybe I can help you with the information on this post.


Traditional camping beds

When I first started camping as a young adult, I remember just laying sleeping bags or blankets in our tents. Of course since I was young it didn’t bother me at all to sleep “on the ground” & I remember I slept really well & woke up totally refreshed!! Those days are over so now I need a little bit more than that to be able to get up in the morning!! LOL!

The changes in sleeping bags since then are astounding & there are literally hundreds to choose from.

You can find lightweight sleeping bags that are also compact & you can put in a backpack or just roll up if you are hiking into the mountains, woods, etc. There are also sleeping bags for two now but even if you don’t purchase something like this most sleeping bags can be zipped together.

Most sleeping bags are also made of lightweight nylon material & are washable so good sleeping bags will last for years of camping & will hold up really well. They also all have some kind of insulating material to keep you warm & toasty if it gets cold at night.

There is one more type of traditional camping bed on the market & that’s the camping cot!!

They have been around for a very long time & are very durable and last for years! Most of them are made of canvas & fold up for easy storage & transport. I could only find single cots but there may be double cots available.

You will be off of the ground in a cot but personally they don’t look all that comfortable.

Basic Air Mattresses

Most air mattresses can be purchased relatively cheaply & will help keep you off the ground so that you get a good night’s sleep. They vary in size from twin to king-size mattresses. They also come in various heights from double mattresses to double chambers for the mattress.

This really is a very comfortable way to camp & with an electric pump that runs off a car battery or one you can plug into a phone charger in the car makes it very convenient to use. Some mattresses now have pumps built into the mattress so you can pump it up any time you need.

Depending on how much you spend, of course, depends on how durable these mattresses are. They do, however, have patch kits available for them in case you spring a leak. That usually happens along the seams on the mattress.

Deluxe Air Mattresses

When I went looking for different types of mattresses I found an amazing variety!!! From the basic mattress to deluxe models and from $40 to $400!!!

The deluxe mattresses are really pretty awesome. You can get a mattress with double chambers so you are quite high off the ground or a mattress with arms like an arm chair & you can sit up or lie down depending on what you want to do.

The coolest innovation are the mattresses that have air pumps built inside to you can pump them up any time you need to do so. Since this is the second largest expense to camping it’s a great idea to shop around!!


Air Beds with a frame

Now this is comfort! A lightweight frame folds out & then the mattress has an electric pumps to inflate it & it even has a mattress cover with a zipper and side tables!!! You can find them for as little as $125 or as much as $400!!

This bed would be great for older people like me who have a difficult time getting up from the ground level!! If you want more comfort than an air mattress can give, this would be an option to check out!

There are, of course, a lot of varieties and prices so please shop around for the best value & fit for you!


Beds for Camping

Whether you want to really rough it & use sleeping bags or a cot only or you decide to go all out & get the best money can buy, the most important thing to remember is to get the best camping bed that fits you & your families needs!

It needs to be convenient to use without too much assembly or too much work. That takes away from your camping fun & experience.

With all the varieties of camping beds available there really shouldn’t be a problem finding what you want & at the price you want to pay.

Just like purchasing your tents,  please shop around to find what fits your needs the best!

Happy camping everyone!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or comments below & I will gladly respond as soon as possible!






Tent Camping – Which one is best for you?


Most people who go camping develop a preference for a certain style of tent.

I myself prefer a cabin tent because I feel they have more room than a dome tent. I also understand how to erect a cabin tent better than a dome tent. LOL!

So today I thought the best thing I could do was a comparison for those people who want to camp but are maybe having a little bit of a problem choosing the style of tent to purchase.

Most of my camping experience is with a cabin tent. If you have a larger family or simply prefer a roomier tent, then the cabin tent is probably for you. It has straight wall construction so that you have more room to stand up, change clothes & just move around in. If you have a problem with claustrophobia, this is definitely the tent for you!

Cabin Tents

Every type of tent comes in different sizes so you can choose the one that fits your needs. The different sizes, of course, have different prices & range anywhere from $50 to the sky’s the limit!!

Some of the features that you may be interested in are more room, screened attached porches, privacy dividers, windows, doors, curtains, etc. You also can buy a cabin tent with attached rooms and this is also true of dome tents.

Depending on the size though, they may be a little difficult for one person to assemble & put up. They also tend to be made of heavier material like canvas and the poles are usually made of a steel compound. Therefore, the collapsed tent will be heavier.

However, in stormy weather I personally prefer a cabin tent because it has been my experience that they will withstand storms better dome tents.

Dome Tents

Dome tents are a newer invention to the camping world & are made of aluminum alloy poles & usually a nylon type material. They are very lightweight & easy to assemble.

If you don’t have a problem with being in more confined quarters, the dome tent will probably suit your needs just fine. They are easy for one person to assemble & are lightweight enough to carry into remote areas if that is what you are looking for.

Some of the features that you may want are being lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to find 4 season (all season) tents for the person who wants to just grab & go anytime of the year.

The down side of a dome tent is they aren’t very spacious & I have seen them fill with air during a storm & be pulled up out of the ground. They will roll away in a storm like a ball!! It’s truly an amazing sight to see!

Dome tents also come with attached screened porches, added rooms, privacy dividers and come in a variety of sizes & prices. Just like cabin tents they range from as low as $50 to the sky’s the limit!!

Tent Varieties

I have been camping most of my adult life & until now I never realized how many varieties of tents there are on the market! This could make choosing a tent a very daunting task indeed!

For example, there are 1 person to 20 person tents of all shapes & sizes. There are also pup tents for a single person & pop up tents. Cabin tents, dome tents, Klondike tents, screened tents, etc.

The pop up tent looks like it can be a whole adventure of its own. It’s very easy & convenient to take out of the bag it comes in & once you take it out it just pops up & you are ready to camp! Getting it back in the bag, however, can be just a little tricky!! I watched a video on this & I strongly suggest that anyone who buys one does exactly that! Good luck to you.

I’m a list kind of person so I would write a list of requirements that me & my family would need & then go shopping online first. I might not necessarily buy online, however, that is the most convenient way to do this & shipping is usually free with a $50 or more purchase.


Investing in a healthy pastime

Buying a tent is a pretty large investment, however, it can be so rewarding. It doesn’t matter if you are going camping alone or with a large group like your family or friends, getting outdoors & spending time in nature helps you relax and recharge!

Getting fresh air and exercise is worth every penny you spend, however, the most important decision is which type of tent to buy. In order for the camping experience to be fun, you need a tent that is easy for you and your family to assemble & not take a long time to do so. That way at the end of the camping trip the family will want to do it again & again!

If you have pets that would fit into this experience, bring them with you because they will love the bonding time with their family too! And as we all know, dogs especially love to be included & love to be spoiled by the camp food!! LOL

Turning off the TV, the cell phone & getting out into nature is a very healthy way to bond with family & friends. Give it a try & you will be hooked for life!

Tent camping at it’s finest!

Whether going it alone or camping with family & friends, tent camping is the best medicine any doctor could prescribe!

We still have a lot of real estate that needs to be explored and being outside is an elemental need in all of us. There is no adventure better than sitting around a campfire making smore’s with the people you love & looking at the beauty that surrounds us.

It’s never too late to start so go shopping for that perfect tent for you & your loved ones!!!

Please feel free to ask questions & leave comments below & I will gladly respond as soon as possible!

For prices & availability on camping tents, accessories, etc, please click here!






Camping tents – Clearance Sales


Buying camping equipment can be very expensive unless you know what to look for. This is the perfect time of year to find deals on all the equipment you need to go camping!

I am going to focus on clearance sales for tents since you really do need a tent as your first piece of camping equipment.

There are camping tents in all price ranges & sizes to fit everyone’s needs. These include 1 person tents as well as tents for large groups and anything in between!

Camping Tents for Beginners

If you have always wanted to go camping but haven’t done it because you don’t know where to start, then looking for sales on tents may be the best starting point.

Getting organized would be a great first step! I found when I first started camping that the easiest way for me to be organized was to make lists. I didn’t forget anything if I made lists because you really do need to cover all contingencies. For example, be sure to take clothes for summer & hot weather but also for cooler nights, depending on where you go camping.

The second step might be to find an appropriate sized tent that is easy for you to put up. Since prices vary depending on the name brand of the tent, shopping around is imperative to find a great deal on a tent! There are a ton of sales going on in the fall because most people only go camping in the summer.

The third step is doing some research on tents to find the one that would be easiest for you to assemble. Dome tents are usually very easy to put together as long as you follow the directions and can be done by 1 person, whereas cabin tents may require more than 1 person to put up at least until you get some experience!

If you are camping alone a small 2 to 4 person tent can be put up in less than 10 minutes and can easily be done by 1 person

Camping Tents for Pros

Most campers with experience will shop the sales sites online to find the best deal on the tent they want Having said that, if you are on a budget, searching for the best deal can take some time. I would recommend looking at all the features that you may want in a tent, such as:

  • A tent you can stand up in
  • More than one room
  • A tent that has a screened porch attached
  • How many people you will want to have room for
  • A tent with a dressing area & sleeping are that’s separate, etc.

Once you have decided on which options you want in a tent, then searching for the best deals is easy to do online. Just do a search using keywords for the options you want!


Camping Tents for Large Groups

This is an area that can be very challenging depending on what occasion is being celebrated!! A lot of the time all you need is a screen tent to keep any inclement weather from ruining the occasion!! When my family goes camping we have a screen tent to cover the picnic table at the campground so the bugs are kept away.

Sometimes, however, you may need an actual tent to accommodate your large family!! Family reunions are a perfect example of this or if you simply have a large family and you all want to be in the same tent!

There are a lot of tents that have rooms that can be added as your family grows so don’t be afraid to shop around. By being able to add rooms to your tent, you can give the children separate sleeping quarters from the adults. This gives the adults a little more privacy.

You also may want a tent with a screened porch that you can attach so that people can remove their shoes, flip-flops, sandals, etc before entering the actual tent. This helps to keep the dirt build up down in the tent.


Camping Tents for Smaller Groups

For a smaller group all you need is to choose how many people you want your tent to be able to hold & what type of tent you like best (i.e. dome, cabin, etc).

Depending on whether you are camping in a campground or a more secluded area, you might want to think about how well the tent will stay up in bad weather. This is important since dome tents when zipped up will fill with air & can be pulled out of the ground. Cabin tents tend to stay up better since they don’t fill up with air as easily as a dome tent.

If you go camping by yourself, then you want a tent that sleeps maybe 2 to 4 people at most, is easy to put up & take down, is water proofed & isn’t too heavy to carry.

Camping Tent Clearance Sales

As you can see, finding a tent may take some time in order to get what you really need, but it’s time well spent when you get to go camping by yourself to just connect with nature or with your family to connect with nature & them!!! It does help to make the camping experience more enjoyable for everyone!

It doesn’t matter what your camping needs may be, there is a tent that’s right for you! Taking the time to get the right camping equipment that will fit your needs will pay off in more free time to relax and enjoy the camping experience & the friends & family that go camping with you.

At this time of year all the most popular online sites such as Amazon, EBay & even Walmart have sales going on with some amazing deals available! No matter if you are a beginner, pro, small or large group there’s a tent to fit all of your camping needs!

Happy shopping everyone & most importantly, Happy Camping!!!

Please feel free to ask questions & leave comments below & I will respond as soon as possible!







About Sharon


Hi my name is Sharon & I love camping!  My family & I go camping as much as possible but since we live in a colder climate that’s a very short season!


I have been camping my entire life. It’s the most relaxing thing to be out in nature & reconnect with family & friends!  Just turn the cell phones off & relax and enjoy your surroundings!!

I started camping when I was just a kid & at 68 I’m still camping!  Swimming, fishing, hiking or just sitting around a campfire at night & looking at all the stars in the sky can’t be beat!



I love helping people & in the crazy hectic world helping people relax is fun to do!  We have such stressful lives that people need to get out & relax in a very non=stressful environment.  Camping fits that bill to a T!

If you have never gone camping in a tent, you don’t know what your missing!  Cooking over an open fire is a little tricky but they have some great camping stoves now for those who have never attempted to do outdoor cooking on a rock!



My goal is to get people to try camping for those thinking of trying it. For experienced campers to reconnect to what they love to do!  This is the end of the camping season so finding deals on tents and other camping equipment is fantastic!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Camping Tents Small to Large