Camping Clearance Sales – Bargains, Bargains, Bargains!



There’s absolutely no better time of year to get great bargains on camping equipment, supplies & accessories!

Everything is on sale from sleeping bags, beds, tents, stoves, camp showers, etc!

Buying these items in the “off” season is one of the best ways to get new camping stuff & get a great deal


Shopping – Online

I am thinking that at this point in the year (November) there isn’t very much left in stores to shop for when it comes to camping equipment, unless you live in a much warmer climate than I do!

So shopping online would be the way to go & that’s just fine with me! It is convenient & I can do it from my living room! I do really enjoy being inside watching the snow fly & shopping for warm weather stuff is amazing fun then!

The point is you can get some amazing bargains this time of year on camping tents & equipment, accessories and even boats online because most people are totally focused on Christmas shopping. By the way, if you want camping stuff for Christmas don’t be shy about telling your family that it would be ok with you to get that for Christmas!! They like bargains too I’m sure!

I doubt they will by you a tent or boat or anything really pricey unless they join together to buy 1 item that they know you truly want!! If your family does that, you are truly blessed!! However, individually they can purchase littler items that can be just as important & relevant to camping.

Shopping – In Store

At this time of the year I really haven’t seen too many stores that have a lot of camping equipment or accessories in stock.

However, specialty stores like Gander Mountain do so If there is one in your town, go look if you would prefer to shop for clearance bargains in store. Since hunting season is coming it’s a big possibility that these types of store do have a lot of items your looking for.

Another good store to shop is Cabela’s Bass Pro Shops. Besides having outdoor equipment on sale right now, their stores are just beautifully decorated for Christmas & it’s pretty cool to go shopping there.

Shopping – social media sites

There are several social media sites that have marketplaces where even though the items are used & being sold by private parties, you can find some very good deals on camping equipment & supplies.

Facebook marketplace is one of them & so is Pinterest! On Facebook at the top of the news feed page just click on the little store front icon & then it gives you categories to choose from.

It may take a little time to go through the ads on there but that’s what shopping is! Pinterest you just need to search for what you’re looking for like tents for sale or grills, boats, etc.

These are the only 2 sites that I know of but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there.

RV Shopping – Deals galore!

Now this may be the craziest idea yet but it seems to me since RV centers aren’t exactly congested right now that from now until spring might be the best time in the world to find a great deal on a camper!!!

I know it’s not exactly the same thing but they need to move their inventory also so why not stop in to see what kind of deal you can get if you have always wanted a camper??? What do you have to lose?


No matter what kind of deal you’re looking for in camping equipment, whether that is tents, RV’s, boats, grills, etc. now is the best time to shop for it!

Yes these items will be on sale in the spring but that is one of the highest volume times to shop for camping stuff. So the prices will adjust according the supply & demand!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please don’t hesitate to comment below & I will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you are interested in great deals on camping tents, equipment, or accessories click here!


Happy Camping!



Product Review – Camp Chef Pro60X Bundle

Sometimes I need to do a product review because certain products will stand out as a great value & can last a long time so that even though the initial investment is larger, the product will last a longer period of time!

Product Review:

The Camp Chef Pro69X Bundle comes with a lot of accessories to use with it such as;

The hose to hook up the gas cylinder, the burner box to grill bread & buns in, a single burner griddle to cook pancakes, potatoes, etc. & a 12 inch iron skillet with a 5 piece utensil set!!!

Set up is easy & clean up is a breeze!!

Cooking on this camping stove is easy since it has 2 side boards (one on each side of the cooking area) to put utensils, plates or even hot food or the 12 inch cast iron skillet that’s included!


This stove has legs that fold up & down for storage or set up, whichever one you’re doing!  This is great for being able to cook on it because you can literally stand at the stove & cook!

Both side boards fold in the cover the cook top so you can fold up the entire cooking surface & store it in a nice dry place until the next camping adventure!!


This product looks very durable & since it’s easy to clean & store, it will last for years.  Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to clean & easy to store!!!


Most camping stoves come with just the stove set up.  This bundle is amazing!!  Where can you find a griddle, burner box, 12 inch cast iron skillet & 5 piece utensil set that goes with the stove?

This is a great deal & it’s on sale too!


The Camp Chef Pro60X Bundle is a great buy and there’s no time like now to start getting ready for the next camping season in style!

It’s a great camping stove with awesome accessories & it’s on sale!

Best place to buy:

Please feel free to comment below, if you have any questions I will get back to you as soon as possible & if you would like to share recipes, favorite adventures or anything else, please feel free to do so!

Happy Camping!


Camping Food – Yum!!!


I don’t know about anyone else but when we go camping the food tastes so much better cooked on the grills & open fire than even cooking on the grill at home!!!

Being outside does make you hungrier!! You just can’t beat the fresh air & summer activities to boost your hunger!! The kids are especially hungry!!

I’m going to add some recipes that I’ve discovered & give some helpful tips on what is the easiest to bring & store. Being careful with storing food while camping ensures a fun time with no downside!

Food that stores well

Of course, items like chips, marshmallows, bread & butter or margarine as well as potatoes are easy to keep fresh.

Packages of bacon are easy too as long as you don’t open them until use & cook up the entire package. That way you don’t have to worry about storage. Eggs we put in plastic containers so they can be put in a cooler.

Soda or bottled drinks including water are easy to store without being cold then we put that in a cooler as needed to get them cold. Ice usually has to be bought daily unless you have a 7 day cooler then it will keep ice longer than a regular cooler. The key is to keep it closed.

Macaroni salads, potato salads & baked beans can be prepared ahead of time but they must be in tightly sealed containers so they don’t take on water in the cooler. We usually put them on top but they do have to stay cold!

Condiments like mustard, ketchup & BBQ sauce can be put in a cooler & kept cold without a problem.

We usually bring hamburger, hot dogs, brats, bacon. Food that is easy on the budget helps because people do tend to eat more while camping.

Chips & munchy food is so easy to store & helps hold you over while cooking meals. The kids especially get super hungry when they are camping cause they are using more energy running, swimming & just having fun!

Breakfast bars & granola bars are also good to have for them as well as fruit snacks like fruit roll ups!!

Foods to avoid bringing

Bottle of mayonnaise

We don’t usually bring mayonnaise or milk because they require refrigeration & don’t fair well in coolers. Bringing salads is tough enough.

Just to help the wallet we don’t bring expensive meat like steaks, shrimp or crab or lobster!

We tend to leave the fruits & veggies home too not because they don’t store well but because we are expending more energy than at home & we bring foods that stick with you more. I don’t know if that’s really good or not but it has become a habit.

Tomatoes are hard to keep because they get soggy if water leaks into the container & they are already sliced or diced. Also they need to be kept at a consistent temperature so they don’t get bacteria growing in them.

Camp Recipes

Potatoes are absolutely delicious if you put them in foil with onions & garlic powder. Be sure to bring cooking spray & spray the inside of the foil so they don’t stick to it & put some butter chunks in too!! Yum!

One more of my favorite recipes is baked beans!! I make mine with ham or turkey ham though because they have more flavor & people just love them!!

Not sure if this is a recipe or not but please bring everything you need to make S’mores!! It’s not just the kids who love these but the adults do too!!

If you have favorite camping recipes you’d like to share, please feel free to add them in the comment box below!! I would love to see what others bring when they go camping!

Don’t forget the meat!

Hamburgers, hot dogs & brats are a must have when camping!!! There have been times when we do bring steaks but that’s kind of a treat for us. There’s nothing that tastes better than a burger or brat or hot dog cooked on a grill!!

I know it sounds kind of boring so if you have suggestions here as to what meats you take camping, please share in the comment box!!

We always have kids with us & they love simpler foods anyway!!!


Cooler packed for a weekend getaway.

So not matter what you bring with you bring plenty of food or you will have to take trips to nearby towns or small grocery stores that can be super expensive.

The idea is to spend quality time with your family & friends & not have the hassle of shopping every day.

We tend to look like a caravan when we go camping but that’s OK!!! We get to spend time swimming, fishing, boating & hanging out around the camp fire that way!

Please feel free to comment, leave recipes, add suggestions or whatever you want to say to the comment box below & if you have questions, I will gladly answer them as soon as possible!

Thank you


Bugs, Bugs Everywhere – How do you get rid of them??


Bugs are literally everywhere, especially when you are camping. Keeping them under control so you don’t get stung or bitten too much is a challenge!!

The worst is the mosquitoes & biting flies. With all the diseases carried by insects nowadays it’s a good idea to protect yourself & your family as well as the dogs if you have any you bring along.

I am a firm believer in trying not to impact the environment & add chemicals that aren’t good for our world so we will be exploring natural insect repellents on this blog post!

Mosquitoes – Blood thirsty & hungry!

Camping is wonderful fun, however, the bug population can be quite aggressive, especially mosquitoes! With the viruses they carry this is a real concern for all people whether you’re camping or just outside in summer having fun, working in your yard or garden.

Insect repellents with DEET have really become rare because of all the problems DEET causes with skin irritations & worse, especially for children & babies.

Natural insect repellents are getting more popular & a lot easier to find now. You may have to buy several formulas to cover more than just mosquitoes though.

We use Citronella candles & Citronella oils in our Tiki torches that we put around the campsite to help with the mosquito population. It does also help with biting flies & no-seeums somewhat.

Biting flies-the worst!

If you’ve never been bitten by a biting fly, you have no idea the level of pain you can endure! It burns & hurts all at the same time & if you rub the bite site it just gets worse!

It’s always good to have some kind of antibacterial spray or salve so you can slather it on to help the burning & pain.

The best kind as far as I’m concerned is Watkins Petro-Carbo Salve. You, of course, are going what??? I’ve never heard of it. Well it’s been around since 1889 and I’ve literally used it my whole life. It not only will soothe the bite site for a lot of insect bites but it draws out infection too! This product is very handy to have around because you can use it on cuts, scratches, scrapes, burns, skin irritations & bug bites! It’s definitely a must when camping!

No-SeeUms-Can’t be seen!

Just as their name implies they can’t been seen because they are very tiny but they can be felt! Really never heard of them until I moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

This is basically how they work: one second you’re just fine & the next a welt shows up on your skin & it starts itching! Hence their name!

Most insect repellents natural or otherwise will protect you from these flies & biting flies If you decide on a natural insect repellent, be sure to spray yourself often @ every 1 to 2 hours. It wears off & then you will be bitten a lot!

Ticks – Nasty creatures!

I grew up in a city so I had absolutely no idea what a wood tick is. Well, the very first time I found a tick on me, I totally freaked right out!! My dad was born & raised in Upper Michigan & found this hilarious!! He was laughing so hard he could hardly get the tick off of me & since I was jumping around screaming get it off, it wasn’t an easy task anyway!

Not such a big deal now but you have to be very careful because they carry some really bad diseases and so do mosquitoes!!

The best protection is a good insect repellent and stay out of the long grass & places that ticks hang out!! Long grass & areas not traveled are favorite spots for ticks. They also can be transferred from pets to humans so make sure your dogs & cats have good flea & tick protection too.

If you find a tick already embedded in your skin, the best thing I found to do is use Vaseline or any kind of salve & put it on the part that you can touch! That actually is how a tick breathes so when you do that you are literally suffocating them & they have to let go to get any air! Don’t pull a tick out of you by any means because the part that buried in your skin will stay & that’s what causes you to get sick!


In conclusion, this sounds like it’s a losing battle but with a little persistence you can win & enjoy being outside without too many bites & stings to yourself.

The insects I’m sure serve a purpose to our environment but to be honest, I’m not really sure what that is. They are there anyway & have to be dealt with if you are spending time outside!!

I for one refuse to stop camping, swimming or enjoying the outdoors because I have a battle to win with insects!!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about how to control insects, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below!

Thanks for sharing my adventure into the world of insects!

Happy Camping to All of You



Bringing a boat, canoe, or kayak – Boating is great fun!

Going camping is absolutely great fun all by itself but bringing a boat, canoe or kayak really makes it a pleasurable adventure for everyone!


Boats – which kind is best?

Over the years of camping, I have used & enjoyed all types of boats from row boats to boats with outboard/inboard motors.

Of course there are all types of boats available to take camping & it does depend on what kind of activities you are going to be doing as to what type of boat will work best for you.

The whole family enjoys a speed boat that you can pull a tube behind or ski behind. It’s also a lot of fun to just take out in the lake & meet a bunch of people & enjoy swimming off the boat!

Most of the time we had some type of boat to go fishing because that’s what we really enjoy doing best! If you catch enough of the right size fish, you have dinner!!! Please follow all laws on size & type of fish you catch so you don’t get into trouble with the Game Warden.

You can usually find a good used fishing boat for around $500 to $1,000. Be sure to carry all the proper safety equipment on board including oars because I have had to paddle several times when the boat motor wouldn’t start. Life jackets & vests or pillows are a must & there has to be one for each person on the boat.


Row Boats – Are they still in use?

When I was growing up, you were able to rent a rowboat to take out on the lake. It was equipped with oars, life jackets, pillows, etc. I learned the hard way once that you should always make sure the oars are the same length because they aren’t always. Sure makes getting anywhere really tough.

Actually using a rowboat to go fishing is a very good way to fish. It’s of course quiet & that’s why you want to go fishing is not just to catch fish but to have peace & quiet! To decompress from the stress of every day living & get away from it all. Catching fish is simply the icing on the cake so to speak!

I’m not sure I could row a boat anymore but it would still be fun to try.


Canoes – fun & versatile

In recent years, my daughter purchased a canoe to take camping. It’s easy to strap to the top of the vehicle or tow on a small boat trailer & has lots of room to pack stuff in. It’s easy to take down to the shore by 2 people & easy to bring back to the camp site.

It’s also very easy to paddle & you kind of feel like your getting back to pioneer days by paddling around a lake in it!

You can also fish from a canoe & you really don’t need an anchor although you do need to keep an eye on where the canoe is drifting.

This is very relaxing & fun.



Kayaks – these totally look like fun!

Kayaks are one of the boats I have never had the pleasure to use. They do look like they are totally fun though. I have known quite a few people who own kayaks & swear by them. They will take them anywhere & even do white water rafting with them, which looks a fair bit dangerous to me, especially in a kayak!

They are more stable than I ever thought they were & for a very long time I wondered how they didn’t tip over all the time. On closer inspection though, they are pretty wide on the bottom & don’t tip over as easily as I once thought.

I really have to do more research on kayaks to see if it’s something I would like to try. Supervised of course.

I would think that a kayak is just for fun to get out on the water & enjoy the lake or river. Doesn’t seem like a feasible craft to fish from since there’s nowhere to put fishing gear. You also need to wear a life jacket with a kayak, at least I would because a life jacket or vest will help you if you do tip over. They are designed to come to the top of the water so it will help to get the kayak upright.



No matter what type of boat, canoe or kayak you bring camping, they do make camping more interesting & fun!

The entire family gets to join in & you get quality fun time together. At the end of the day, everyone has had a great fun day & after dinner & clean up, everyone sleeps so well. It’s a great way to spend time with the people you love!

Please feel free to leave comments and questions or opinions and do share your experiences in the comment box below!



Product Review: Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Voyager 8 person Dome Tent

Product Review:

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Voyager 8 person Dome Tent:

A comfortable base of operation at the campsite for families or small groups, the Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Voyager 8-Person Dome Tent offers lots of camping room at a great value.


Made of a durable 190T polyester taffeta with a 800mm polyurethane coating, the Voyagers walls and protective, seam-taped rain fly shield you from rain and other weather. The rugged and waterproof, 230g polyethylene tarp floor offers great durability and keeps ground-level moisture outside the tent where it belongs. No-see-um mesh panels in the roof, windows, and door offer welcome ventilation when needed.

Easy set up:

Strong and sturdy, heavy-duty shock-corded fiberglass poles slide easily through the tents continuous pole sleeves for quick and easy setup.


High visibility, reflective guy-out cords work with this strong frame to keep the tent standing strong if winds pick up. Interior gear loft and organization pockets for gear.


Rainfly forms a covered awning over the tents large door with zippered window.

Easy Storage:

Heavy-duty zippered storage bag included.


This tent is made of durable, strong material made to last a long time. It’s design will withstand strong winds & stormy weather.

In my humble opinion it is a very good buy & a great investment for the whole family to enjoy long term.

For more info on this product:  Cabela’s Bass Pro Shop

Any comments, opinions, questions, or constructive criticism can be left below.  I will gladly answer any and all comments as soon as possible.

Thank you for your input!


Best Portable Camping Stoves

I have literally cooked on most surfaces when camping.

Fire pits with a round metal grate on a tripod or a big flat rock & large cast iron skillet, propane gas stove & a grill. Last but not the least portable wood camp stoves are affordable & a great way to cook while camping as well.

I’m not sure which I like best but all the above get the job done!


The Camp Firecamp fire

A lot of people don’t think of a camp fire as a stove but any source of heat will cook food.

If you are really roughing it & there are not designated fire pits for a fire, then you may have to build one. Be sure to clear the area you want you fire pit to be in, gather & haul rock to make a ring around the fire pit, dig out the fire pit area so it’s lower than the rocks & Viola!!! You have a fire pit!

Most campgrounds have designated fire pits so you don’t have to build your own. Cooking in them is a little tricky but can be accomplished with a little patience & perseverance.

A great way to cook over an open fire is to have a metal tripod that folds up with a hook at the top to hang a grate to. A round grate with chains will hang off the hook & you put pans, skillets, coffee pot, potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil, corn wrapped in foil, etc on the grate to cook.

If you don’t have that set up, find a large flat rock & place it in the fire pit next to the fire so the rock will heat up. When the rock gets hot it acts like a stove top & you can place pans, skillets, coffee pot, etc on it to cook. It works really well.


Propane Gas Stoves

Propane stoves come in various sizes & shapes with 1, 2, 3 & 4 burners available. If this is the only available way for you to cook while camping, then for sure a 4 burner propane stove is the way to go.

1 & 2 burner propane gas stoves are great if you are just using it for making coffee or heating water, otherwise, the 3 & 4 burner models will give you more cooking space.

The propane tanks don’t look very large but they do last quite some time. The downfall to these bottles is that they are not refillable & disposing of them can be quite a hassle. They are also not returnable to the retailer that you bought them from.

These stoves no matter what size will fit on a flat surface such as a picnic table & a lot of the 4 burner stoves are on legs so you don’t need a surface to place them on. They are like bringing the gas stove from home only in a portable variety so cooking on them is affordable & easy.

Clean up is quick & easy & a lot of the smaller stoves have a carrying case that you can pack them up in so storing them is simple.

Portable Camping Grills

Portable camping grills come in various sizes & some sit on a flat surface but most have legs. The portable camping grills that sit on a flat surface have to be put on a surface that doesn’t catch fire of course!

You get that barbecue grill flavor & marks from the grill effect, which I love, as well as have a pretty large area to cook on. They are easy to transport & clean is easy.

The grill itself can be pretty messy & you made need to wait to clean that until you get home. It depends on how resourceful you are.

Overall they make a great stove & cooking area. Everyone loves the taste of food on a grill too!

Wood Camp Stoves

The title seems a little odd but they are not made of wood! Instead, they burn wood!!

This is also a grill type stove & is usually on legs. There are models available that look like an old-fashioned wood burning stove so that’s really cool looking.

I’ve never really used a wood camp stove but they look pretty easy to use & they would give off heat consistent with a wood burning stove. I would imagine they can burn pretty hot so it could be a bit tricky to not burn the food your cooking

Clean should be rather easy since you will only be left with ashes & that can be dumped in the fire pit until there isn’t anymore hot embers to worry about.



All of these camping stoves have their pros & cons.

The easiest clean up would be the Propane Stove because there are no ashes, charcoal, or hot embers to worry about.

The different grills, however, will give the food the taste that only a grill does & if you love that flavor might be the best match for your camping needs.

Wood burning grill could be really tricky to cook on since wood can burn very hot so the type of wood you use would definitely make a difference with these.

Last but not the least cooking over an open fire brings a whole set of challenges of it’s own. If you master this art form, any of the others are no big deal!!!

In conclusion, just like most of the stuff you take camping, it is totally your choice as to what you like best!

The only other factor is your budget & that may actually be the deciding factor! Some of these can be very pricey & if you have an unlimited budget on camping stoves, then it really is just a matter of choice on your part!

Happy Cooking & Happy Camping!

If you have any comments, questions or opinions, please feel free to leave them below!

Thanks for being here!


Cabin Tents vs Dome Tents – Pros & Cons

Cabin Tents vs Dome Tents – Pros & Cons

Product comparison


Personally I prefer a cabin tent over a dome tent but let’s take a look at the pros & cons of each one.

Cabin Tents

Pros Cons

1. Have room enough to stand up in.                 1. Need extra long stakes to keep them grounded

2. More spacious inside                                        2. More difficult to set up.

3. Withstand storms well                                      3. Take longer to disassemble & pack

Dome Tents

Pros Cons

1. Easy to set up                                                      1. Not much room to stand up in

2. Easy to take down & pack                                  2. During a storm it can fill up with air & tumble away

3. Compact & lightweight                                       3. Less room inside


As you can see it basically boils down to choices and personal preferences.

Cabin Tents are a little trickier to set up & take down, however, many prefer them for the extra room inside & if staked down well withstand a storm better.

Dome Tents are easy to assemble & pack up & can easily be down by one person. They, however, are not as spacious inside & can fill with air & tumble away in a storm.

Please feel free to ask questions & leave comments below!  I will gladly answer them as soon as possible!

Thank you


The choice is yours!!! Happy Camping everyone!

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.  I will gladly answer them as soon as possible!

Camping Accessories!!!!

There are so many accessories for camping to choose from that it’s mind boggling!!!

Since I always make a list to keep myself on track, I make a list!!!! And stick to it especially if you’re on a budget! Everyone’s basics are different so just take your list & go shopping, whether that’s at the local sporting goods store or an on-line store.

Some of my basic needs are a stove, kitchen stuff to cook & eat with, tent & sleeping gear, clothes, shower facilities (which can also be your own rather than public), canoe or boat. Of course, every time I go camping with my family it’s a whole new adventure for us.

Getting a shower where there are no facilities for that can be pretty tricky if you don’t plan for it.

If you choose to go off the beaten path, then having a portable camping shower is a necessity. It can be very embarrassing to try to rig up a bathing area if you don’t have a lot of privacy!!!

Camping Shower Basics:

There is a very large variety of showers available to choose from so this really is a personal preference type of thing.

However, the basics are a shower head, hose & bag that you hang up on a tree to take a shower when camping. Even in the basics you still have quite a variety to choose from. For instance, you can add an enclosure to your basic shower as well as a heating unit to have warm water instead of cold. We always just heat the water over the campfire so we have warm water to bathe with.

This is still very minimal equipment & will pack up in a compact unit for storage.

For those more discerning campers, there are some amazing units that are available. They also have the price tag to go with them so looking for sales would be a good way to go if you prefer more comforts in your camping shower.

For the minimalist camper and great metal wash bowl, a water supply to help rinse off the soap & a bit of privacy to towel off are all you need!

Any way you choose, keep it clean out there & also take the environment into consideration with chemical free products to bathe with!

Camp Stoves/Campfires – Cooking Outside

Now to choose a good camp stove that is compact & easy to transport!! The varieties are as diverse as the campers themselves so once again this is a personal choice!!

A small hibachi grill is perfect for camping & we have a small propane stove to make coffee in the morning!! Otherwise, we cook over the campfire.

If you make a campfire a cooking spot a flat large rock is ideal so you have a platform to place hot pans on! There are all sorts of tripods with a wire rack hung on it & you place your pans on those to cook. This can be a challenge at times!

Some of our best meals are done at our camping spots!

Kitchen Stuff!

Don’t forget all the stuff from your kitchen that you need to cook with & serve food on, etc!!!!

If you have kids like we do, you have to bring everything & the kitchen sink in a portable state!!! People sometimes make fun of me for making lists but if you need something while we are camping, I’ve got it! LOL

I have older pots & pans set aside for camping as well as all the rest including a table cloth for the picnic table & metal brackets to hold the table cloth down in windy weather!!!

I also have paper plates, paper towels, plastic utensils, plastic glasses, cooking utensils, spices, corn holders for the corn on the cob!! Yum!!

Speaking of food, coolers & ice are in order. We usually have 2 large ones for food & 1 large one for liquids!!! Then of course you need buns, bread, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, condiments, etc.

This does seem like a lot of stuff to bring but the big plastic totes are ideal for all of this & keep your food dry & you don’t have to worry about attracting animals to your campsite!

Sleeping gear & clothes!

Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, air mattresses or beds & clothes!!!

I don’t know about where you live but I live in the North so we always have sleeping bags cause it gets hot during the day but cools off at night even in the middle of a hot summer!

So our basic accessories in this category are sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, air mattresses & clothing!! That pretty much fills up a tent!!

I personally have never had a bed but I am looking into one because getting air mattresses blown up takes a bit of effort & then the mattresses only last a season or two. After two or three years you have to replace them & that gets pretty pricey even at sale or clearance prices.

I also like my creature comforts so a nice warm comforter & pillows are necessary to put over the sleeping bag or just to have if you don’t want to use the sleeping bags. I have to have my pillow so I am comfortable and that’s all there is to it!!

Last but not least bringing an assortment of clothing is really necessary if you live in an area where weather changes quickly. In the Northern part of this country it can be beautiful one day & freezing the next!!! So you have to bring summer & what I like to call dismal weather clothing! Short, tops, swimwear, sweatshirts, long pants, socks, tennis shoes, flip-flops & a couple of warm coats should make camping a little more comfortable.


As you can see going camping takes a little work & a lot of organizing!!

We use big totes so we don’t have to have so many of them & when it comes to the kitchen stuff be sure not to load too many pots & pans & skillets in one tote! You do have to be able to pick it up & carry it!!

Clothes can be in hand held bags like a duffle bag, suitcase or whatever works for you.

Please don’t forget food & drink & the coolers to put that in!! It will be a very short camping trip if you do!!

Sleeping bags & bedding can be put into large garbage bags so they are all over the place & the bags can be used when you get home so you don’t waste them!



Any comments or suggestions may be left below & by all means, have a good time!!

Outdoor Adventuring -Tromping through the woods!

So adventurers like me & my family just like to go hiking through the woods. We also go to the tops of hills & mountains to see the area we live in!! It’s beautiful on Lake Superior & the exploring is amazing! We also fish & swim & totally enjoy the summer weather!

It was a fairly hot summer this year so we got to fish, swim in Lake Superior, tromp through the woods, climb area mountains & visit local sites in the area!!

The fall is upon us, however, so it’s time to see the colors!!! It’s a riot of color right now & it’s so very beautiful!

So if you’re going to the tops of mountains, tromping through the woods, fishing or whatever, be sure to take some great pictures & by all means, have fun!


Fishing – serious or not?

I grew up with a mom who took us to the lake & fishing & camping!! I will forever be grateful to her for doing this with her children!!

Fishing was one of my mom’s passions in life. I totally understand it but I’m not the greatest fisherman in the world! It doesn’t matter if I am or not, I still love to go fishing!!! Just being on a lake & getting the line wet is an amazing experience & I really love doing it!! I even get lucky on occasion & catch fish!!!

I go fishing with my family so the family tradition is passed along!! So whether you’re a serious fisherman or just enjoy being outside on a lake fishing, I hope you enjoy the sport and enjoy the water, sun & fun – you may even catch some fish!!

Swimming fun!

Swimming is always fun!

I was born in the sign of water so swimming to me is like being home!! I love the water & what better way to cool off on a hot summer day than to go swimming!!! I am also fortunate enough to live across the street from a beautiful lake!!! It really doesn’t matter to me if I’m in a lake, river or pool, just as long as I’m in the water, I’m good!

I don’t know how anyone could go out in the summer & not go to a lake or body of water to have fun!! A lot of beaches have things to explore like on Lake Superior. There are all kinds of trails along the lake front & rocks to climb on to get a better view of the surrounding islands!! What incredible views!!!

Hiking – To the woods!

This is a very fun thing to do depending on the time of year. The reason I say this is that right now in the fall the animals who live in these woods are getting ready for migration or hibernation & settling in for a long winter. Actually, we don’t have short winters where I live,

The most amazing things about tromping through the woods is everything that nature can show you through the seasons.

The spring brings new growth to woods with sprouts popping up through the melting snow & leaves!! The hibernating animals start to wake up & are they ever hungry!!! The trees start to grow again & the green is so new & beautiful to see!!

The summer brings continued growth & maturity to the plants, trees & fauna. The babies born in the spring are growing fast in the woods. The days are longer and the heat is on!!

Fall brings colors to the woods that is breathtaking & amazing! The hibernation & migration starts among the animals so they eat all they can to survive the winter and/or their journey South.

Winter brings a white blanket of snow that actually waters the earth & keeps the water table steady!! Yes, if you live in a snow belt, you get a lot of snow!! Not much fun to shovel but it is fun to play in it!!!

Camping Fun!

Camping – Fun for all!

Camping is one of my favorite things to do because I can go canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking, eating & having fun in the sun all together!!! It also is a great time to connect & bond with family & friends!!

Lots of people take their dogs & even sometimes the cat. LOL The kids get to run & swim & eat & play & tire themselves out & sleep in!!!

Roasting marshmallows & making smores over the campfire at night is so much fun!! This is a great place to tell those ghost stories too! Not too unusual to see a few drinks around the campfire too! I love to watch the flames & catch up with the people I love.

Group camping for the whole family!

Outdoor Adventuring

It’s no wonder that people who live in the northern parts of the United States take advantage of their summer months and get outside and enjoy as much as we can!! Winter is long & cold & snowy here but we even manage to have outdoor adventures then too!

There is snowmobiling, ice-skating, skiing (both downhill & cross-country), ice hockey & ice sculpting that happens in the winter!! What’s great about the wintertime is sledding down a big hill with the kids & enjoying the fun in the snow with them! It’s not a lot of fun to have to shovel it but it’s great exercise!! That’s good cardio so you even get benefits from that! It’s also very beautiful!!!

No matter what you decide to do outdoors, there’s always something to see & do & a new adventure around the corner!

Happy Adventuring everyone!

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