Outdoor Adventuring -Tromping through the woods!

So adventurers like me & my family just like to go hiking through the woods. We also go to the tops of hills & mountains to see the area we live in!! It’s beautiful on Lake Superior & the exploring is amazing! We also fish & swim & totally enjoy the summer weather!

It was a fairly hot summer this year so we got to fish, swim in Lake Superior, tromp through the woods, climb area mountains & visit local sites in the area!!

The fall is upon us, however, so it’s time to see the colors!!! It’s a riot of color right now & it’s so very beautiful!

So if you’re going to the tops of mountains, tromping through the woods, fishing or whatever, be sure to take some great pictures & by all means, have fun!


Fishing – serious or not?

I grew up with a mom who took us to the lake & fishing & camping!! I will forever be grateful to her for doing this with her children!!

Fishing was one of my mom’s passions in life. I totally understand it but I’m not the greatest fisherman in the world! It doesn’t matter if I am or not, I still love to go fishing!!! Just being on a lake & getting the line wet is an amazing experience & I really love doing it!! I even get lucky on occasion & catch fish!!!

I go fishing with my family so the family tradition is passed along!! So whether you’re a serious fisherman or just enjoy being outside on a lake fishing, I hope you enjoy the sport and enjoy the water, sun & fun – you may even catch some fish!!

Swimming fun!

Swimming is always fun!

I was born in the sign of water so swimming to me is like being home!! I love the water & what better way to cool off on a hot summer day than to go swimming!!! I am also fortunate enough to live across the street from a beautiful lake!!! It really doesn’t matter to me if I’m in a lake, river or pool, just as long as I’m in the water, I’m good!

I don’t know how anyone could go out in the summer & not go to a lake or body of water to have fun!! A lot of beaches have things to explore like on Lake Superior. There are all kinds of trails along the lake front & rocks to climb on to get a better view of the surrounding islands!! What incredible views!!!

Hiking – To the woods!

This is a very fun thing to do depending on the time of year. The reason I say this is that right now in the fall the animals who live in these woods are getting ready for migration or hibernation & settling in for a long winter. Actually, we don’t have short winters where I live,

The most amazing things about tromping through the woods is everything that nature can show you through the seasons.

The spring brings new growth to woods with sprouts popping up through the melting snow & leaves!! The hibernating animals start to wake up & are they ever hungry!!! The trees start to grow again & the green is so new & beautiful to see!!

The summer brings continued growth & maturity to the plants, trees & fauna. The babies born in the spring are growing fast in the woods. The days are longer and the heat is on!!

Fall brings colors to the woods that is breathtaking & amazing! The hibernation & migration starts among the animals so they eat all they can to survive the winter and/or their journey South.

Winter brings a white blanket of snow that actually waters the earth & keeps the water table steady!! Yes, if you live in a snow belt, you get a lot of snow!! Not much fun to shovel but it is fun to play in it!!!

Camping Fun!

Camping – Fun for all!

Camping is one of my favorite things to do because I can go canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking, eating & having fun in the sun all together!!! It also is a great time to connect & bond with family & friends!!

Lots of people take their dogs & even sometimes the cat. LOL The kids get to run & swim & eat & play & tire themselves out & sleep in!!!

Roasting marshmallows & making smores over the campfire at night is so much fun!! This is a great place to tell those ghost stories too! Not too unusual to see a few drinks around the campfire too! I love to watch the flames & catch up with the people I love.

Group camping for the whole family!

Outdoor Adventuring

It’s no wonder that people who live in the northern parts of the United States take advantage of their summer months and get outside and enjoy as much as we can!! Winter is long & cold & snowy here but we even manage to have outdoor adventures then too!

There is snowmobiling, ice-skating, skiing (both downhill & cross-country), ice hockey & ice sculpting that happens in the winter!! What’s great about the wintertime is sledding down a big hill with the kids & enjoying the fun in the snow with them! It’s not a lot of fun to have to shovel it but it’s great exercise!! That’s good cardio so you even get benefits from that! It’s also very beautiful!!!

No matter what you decide to do outdoors, there’s always something to see & do & a new adventure around the corner!

Happy Adventuring everyone!

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  1. I love a good adventure! I was raised up in the mountains in a small town in Northern California. Fishing is always a great time, I like to kick back in a chair and drink beer! I don’t camp much, but if I had the money I’d buy a tent and some sleeping bags, ya know. Also hiking was a regular thing that I enjoyed, I live in the city now. One of the main things I miss is the air quality, it’s just so refreshing! Great post!

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