Have you ever thought about camping in your vehicle?-Check Out These Options!

I have done this a few times.  But not quite with the plush tents & mattresses that are available now.

A lot of the options in this post include mattresses, canopies & awnings.  It  just depends on which deal you choose.  

Happy shopping everyone!

Check out the new options for camping in your vehicle.

Vehicle Camping – Roughing It!        

When I had my Ford 1/2 tone pick up truck with the campershell, I did put a full mattress in back & slept there when I went camping.  It was comfortable enough but there wasn’t great air circulation so getting up early was necessary.  

When I owned my Jeep Cherokee I folded the back seats down & used an air mattress to use this as a tent & sleep in it.  The same problem was the lack of air circulation inside the vehicle so getting up early was necessary.  

I’m sure this is still done by some people but there are other alternatives today!  Let check them out!

Truck Tents – The First New Option!   

This is an amazing way to go camping!  The tent is packed up in the back of your truck until you reach your destination.  The destination can be anywhere you can park your truck!  No campsite or campgrounds necessary!  

Upon arrival, unpack the back of your truck, inflate the air mattress that is specifically made for a truck bed, make your bed & then set up the pop up tent that fits the back of your truck bed cause it was built for it!  

All the comforts of tent camping & you don’t have to sleep on the ground.  Packing up is a breeze and you can even buy an awning or canopy to go with this set up!

SUV Tents – The Second Option!

Now since not everyone owns a pick up truck, all the SUV owners have camping options also!  You have two options actually.  

First, you can get a tent that will sit on the ground, however, it attaches to the back of your vehicle to give you a tent inside the vehicle with an etended tent outside the vehicle.  You will put your air mattress inside to sleep & have an extra room to store clothes, change clothes in & even have a seating area inside your tent.  

Second, if you would rather be off the ground further, you can have a rooftop tent that goes on top of your vehicle!  There are awnings & camopies that can be added for the outside to give you shade to make a sitting area.  

Either option is fantastic & it’s totally a personal choice.

Car Tents – The Third Option!

No we didn’t leave out the automobile owners.  It will make it easier if you have a hatchback, station wagon type vehicle but you can actually find air mattresses that fit the backseat of your car to comfortably sleep.  There are options to attach a tent or a the very least a screened annex to your vehicle to give much needed air flow without being eaten alive by bugs!

I wasn’t really sure in what category to put the tents for Mini Vans but these are also available!!  These are like the car tents & they attach to side sliding side door of you van!  This is a great idea since Mini Vans are roomier that a car!

There are a lot of options to choose from with these types of tents.  Most of the tents that fit in the SUV category can be used here including the rooftops tents! 


No matter what type of vehicle you own, there is a tent option availabel for you!  

The best part of these options is they all pack up & are easily stored either insde or on top of the vehicl.e.

You also don’t need a campsite or campgrounds to go camping.  Anywhere you can park legally you can camp!!  This gives you a whole new world of camping options and outdoor adventures!!!  

It seems that camping is in a new trend and the future is wide open to fun and adventure for anyone wanting to get outdoors & enjoy their environment!!!  

Anyone interested in exploring options on these types of tents all you need to do is follow this link to see some amazing deals on Amazon.com.

Any questions, comments & opinions are welcome & I will respond to all as soon as possible!

Thank you & happy camping!


19 thoughts on “Have you ever thought about camping in your vehicle?-Check Out These Options!”

  1. What a great idea. I have a campsite near me and have seen the roof top tents but not the back of truck ones. I imagine the top of roof ones would be quite hard to get into? I love the one that extends to a full tent because I like a roomy tent but sleeping comfort has always put me off. Our last attempt to sleep on a self inflating air bed was ridiculous. I’ve noticed on You Tube there are also homeless people trying to configure cars and trucks to live out of so these tents would be a great option for them. 

    1. Thank you Deb for your feedback on my new website!  I was absolutely fascinated with this concept.  They now have regular mattresses and air mattresses that fit into the beds of trucks and the SUV/car tents don’t have to be on top.  They have ones that hook up to your vehicle.  You sleep inside the car & if you have a van or SUV it’s a lot roomier and the outside tent is a great changing room & place to store you stuff in.  

      I appreciate your feed back & if you’d like to check out any of my other posts, please feel free!  



    2. Hi Deb Thanks for the comments on my post! I was totally curious about the truck & car top tents. I think that the rooftop tents are probably a little tricky to get in & out of but the reviews were excellent from people who have them & the truck tents look absolutely phenomenal. I never thought about homeless people having the alternative but you’re absolutely correct that these tents would definitely give them shelter that they don’t have. The only thing is they need to be in an area that stays warmer year round. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan & it gets bitter cold here in the winter. I’m not sure even tent heaters would help on those kind of nights. Anyway it’s a great idea!
      By the way I can help you with your comfort problem on an air mattress. I just purchased the Coleman queen size heavy duty air mattress that I did a review on & it’s amazing to sleep on!! Went camping a couple of weeks ago & that was one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time! If you would like to check that out just go to the Coleman Air Mattress Review post!
      Thanks again for your comments!

  2. Hello there,thanks for this awesome ideas I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.yeah this is it,these are the best ideas if you are looking to go camping with your car or truck I would definitely try it out this summer.

    1. Hi Feji ben thanks for your feedback!  And you’re welcome!  I thought this was some amazing information & am very glad to share it with others so they can enjoy the camping experience too!

      Please feel free to check out more posts on this website & if you do, let me know what you think!

      Happy camping with your vehicle this summer!


  3. This world work foot my daughters and to my old Silverado too. I like the idea of getting off the ground and taking advantage of the cargo space of my old truck.

    Getting this, the power generator and the inflatable mattress would ensure a little more comfortable adventure than the my last one.

    Thanks for sharing these camping so convenient alternatives!

    1. Hi Juan thanks for your feedback!  I thought this was amazing when I saw that you could do this too!  And it’s a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground even with a mattress!  

      Please feel free to check out more posts on this website & the Amazon link!
      If you do, let me know what you think!

      Happy Camping!


    2. Hi Juan Thanks for the feedback on my post & I’m glad you liked it! You & your daughter will be very comfortable in your old Silverado with one of these tents so enjoy!
      Sounds like you have great plans for a great adventure!
      Happy Camping!

  4. Hello Sharon
    I, first of all, thank you for the effort to bring together this website. I again appreciate the quality you deliver to us your readers by providing the best camping tips and knowledge. I actually didn’t know that my vehicle work that way when i go for camping. I am glad for the knowledge you gave us.

    1. Hi Mugalu Mansoor thanks for your feedback!  I’m so glad you like my post & have gotten some valuable information that you can use!!  It’s one of the most important reasons I do this.

      I have gone camping all of my life & I’m having fun finding out how things have changed & with all the new ways to go camping it’s very exciting to see!

      Please feel free to check out more of my posts on this website & if you do, let me know what you think!

      Thanks again & happy camping!


    2. Hi Mugalu! Thanks for the comments on my post! I am happy that you got knowledge out of this website! Camping should be fun and a great adventure!
      Thanks again for your comments & Happy Camping!

  5. It is delightful to have found this information. Whats more interesting is the fact that this article carries with it, the solution to a challenge I encountered not too long ago. I appreciate these kind of tents as they can really come in handy when you go out to have an alone time. I like the SUV option better but I have to ask, are the prices of these tents are on the high side?

    1. Hi Rhain thanks for your feedback!  The prices definitely vary depending on what your personal preferences are.  I did put a link at the bottom of my post & it goes to Amazon so if you want to check out prices then that’s the best way to go!!  There are a lot on sale right now!!  

      Good luck in your shopping adventure & camping adventure!

      Please feel free to check out any of my other posts on this website & let me know what you think!


  6. Hi Sharon, I have to say I really enjoyed your article about camping with a vehicle. I always have a yearning to go travelling around the music festivals and this would be a great way to do it. I must have a bit of gypsy in me. I don’t really want to sleep on the ground, as I find it too cold and I feel a little vulnerable as a woman. 

    These are great options, especially as they pack away easily and breath. Not sure about the rooftop one. Heading towards 60 makes me imagine rolling straight off the roof. Mind you at least the drop bears or dingoes won’t get me!


    1. Hi LIly thanks for your feedback!!  And yes you’re right I think I’d rather not do the rooftop tent too!!  I know how you feel cause I’m 69!  I really think that’s why they have those rooftop tents though is so you can be safe from all kinds of animals, including 2 legged lol.  If you’re at a festival it would be a little noisy climbing the ladder to get up to the tent.  You also could possibly pull the ladder in behind you once you’re in the tent.  

      Anyway, please feel free to check out my other posts & let me know what you think!

      Thanks again & happy camping!


  7. It is awesome how many options there are in absolutely everything, including camping. These vehicle camping options are perfect for everyone who doesn’t like traditional travel staying in a hotel. Camping i.e. travelling with your own car always gives you more freedom.
    We travelled this way for three weeks with our van last summer. There is a bed in it but the space is still small when you stay somewhere for a longer time. We thought it would be nice to have a an awning there that could be used while camping. Would you suggest where to find something like that?

    1. Hi Lenka and thanks for your feedback!  It is a better idea to give yourself more space by adding onto that van & it also helps to give you air circulation if you add just a screened in enclosure.  A tent attachment will give you more sleeping room also & there are some tents that have mattress type material sewn right into the floor!  If you click on the link at the bottom you can find some amazing deals at Amazon!

      Feel free to check out that link & have a great time on your travels!

      Please feel free to check out any of my other posts & let me know what you think!

      Thanks again


  8. It’s that time of year again, where we scratch our heads and try and work out whether we want to spend two weeks in the south of Spain or go camping…Well, we did Spain a few years ago, so it looks like it’s camping.

    I  am up ot speed on campers and awnings for vans but I never realised that other vehicles could also be utilised in the way they are. It’s a great additon and makes your transport actually more useful while you’re away. Certainly ideal if you are off on your own travelling adventure, or if you have to make a very long trip.

    Has to be said though, I’m tempted to go and buy a pick-up, just so I can use one of those tent attachments, it looks made to measure, which I suppose it is, to a certain extent. I have slept in my car plenty of times and it wasn’t the best of times. With what’s available nowadays there’s no excuse for not having a few nights away on the spur of the moment.

    1. Hi Twack Romero thank you for your feedback!!  I actually laughed out loud at you wanting to go buy a pick up to try it out & yes they are custom made for trucks.  I totally understand because I’ve slept in my vehicle while camping & it’s ok but with the new attached tents it’s now amazing!  

      Please feel free to check out any of my other posts & if you do, let me know what you think!  

      Have a great vacation!


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