Coleman Coolers – A Must for Camping!

I don’t know about anyone else but there’s only one brand of cooler I buy and that’s a Coleman Cooler!

Coleman has been making quality coolers for a very long time & I have never had a bad experience with their products!

We usually end up with at least 4 coolers when we go camping because if you’re camping for 5 days or more you need to have enough food & beverages to last that long.

I don’t like running to a store every other day for food and I also like to only go for ice a few times at most while I’m camping.  Tip to get the ice to last longer & the food & beverages to stay colder is to be sure the lids are closed tight at all times!!  This is a challenge if the kids are camping with you because they don’t pay attention so you have to be diligent for them!!!

Food Cooler #1:

I like to have the food items you use a lot in one cooler, like all the condiments, eggs, margarine, fresh veggies & fruit.

Having these in one cooler keeps things more organized & then you aren’t digging through all kinds of coolers to get what you need for breakfast & snacks.

We try to take nutritious food on camping trips but sometimes you just need to put the Hershey s bars in sealed plastic containers that you can store in a cooler too. You gotta have S’Mores when you go camping!


Food Cooler #2:

In the second food cooler we always store pasta salads, bean salads, baked beans that are prepared ahead of time, meat that is sealed in plastic bags or containers, lunch meat for sandwiches, etc.

This keeps that organization going because the coolers we have will keep the ice in them for up to 5 days. However, they work best when you don’t have to open them constantly & .they need to be shut tight every time. This means you have to keep an on the children because they are notorious at not doing that!

Beverage Cooler #1:

We use the first beverage cooler for Milk, juice, drinking water, soda, coffee creamer, etc! This cooler will be opened & closed a lot so in order to save your ice & make it last longer, you have to make sure it’s shut after opening!!

A lot of the time camping we don’t bring soda but I know a lot of people do so I included it in the list. It’s not really that good for you or the kids but a lot of people drink it!

And yes we put drinking water in the cooler too because most of the time even if there is water available it’s not cold! Bringing one gallon of water with you is a great idea & then you can refill the water jug when it’s empty!

Beverage Cooler #2:

This cooler is for alcoholic beverages!!! Yes you are allowed to consume alcohol at camping grounds as long as the people consuming them are old enough! No underage drinking allowed.

So whether it’s beer, wine or hard liquor, that’s what gets stored & chilled in this cooler! We make sure the small children are fast asleep before we start drinking and the older children get to stay up. Very seldom does anyone get carried away with drinking but having a few around the campfire is OK!

People tend to sleep earlier when camping cause the fresh air helps you get tired early! So whether you’re young or old you’re probably going to be sleeping earlier than usual anyway!


I know this may seem like a bit of overkill to some people but when you have a family going camping means you bring a lot of food & beverages! The fresh air gives you a lot bigger appetite too! All the activities will too! Swimming is excellent for making you hungrier than usual.

I totally endorse Coleman as my cooler choice because of the quality construction of their coolers and I have never been disappointed by them. They are definitely worth every penny because they will last for years & years of use for the whole family!

If you have any questions, comments or opinions please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. I will answer all of them as soon as I can!

Please feel free to click here to check out the prices & availability of these Coleman coolers from Amazon!

Happy Camping!


6 thoughts on “Coleman Coolers – A Must for Camping!”

  1. Actually, I and my family members always goes on a one in a year camping session and it always involve quite a crowd in it. Though we do have some coolers we all bring individually, I feel that if we can get these Coleman coolers, they actually feel a lot more cool and I will lobe to get them I also like the fact that they are segmented which makes everything better. Thanks you so much for sharing here

    1. Hi Phillip!  It’s sounds like a wonderful family camping adventure!  I have used Coleman coolers my whole life & I haven’t been disappointed yet!

      Here’s my link if you need it. Coleman Coolers – A Must for Camping!

      These are on Amazon and they are very reasonably priced.  Hopefully, you can get your there.  

      Thank you for your feedback & comments!

      Happy Camping!


  2. My family has also been a fan of Coleman for a long time! But we have only stuck with two all these while and I don’t think they can actually last up to 5 days like the ones you mentioned.

    Do you usually bring all 4 of them for camping? & are their weights okay to bring around?

    Thought of upgrading our Coleman as well as it’s getting old. Probably need to buy a couple to separate our foods and drinks! 

    1. Hi Wina my family has a tendency to make sure we don’t have to run to a store while we’re camping so yeah we bring 3 to 4 coolers.  The secret to the 5 or 7 day coolers is keeping the lids closed as much as possible.  That’s easier said than done when there are kids camping with you because they tend not to pay attention to that so you have to keep an eye on the cooler lids.  If you keep them closed the food & drink stays colder & the ice lasts longer!  I probably should add that to my website!  

      We still use mainly Coleman coolers cause they just last longer & stand up to a lot of abuse.  They are built really well and I have never been disappointed.

      Here’s the link again if you decide to get new ones.  Coleman Coolers – A Must for Camping!

      This is a link on Amazon & they are very reasonably priced.

      Thanks for your feedback & comments!


  3. Thank you for this post Sharon, I have a number of coolers in my kitchen store. But None of them are Coleman coolers. I have noticed that the food I pack into my coolers never stay hot or cold for as long as I want them to. The drinks are a bit better but reading this post I’m thinking of switching my coolers to Coleman! 

    1. Hi Juliet it’s worth a try!  I really tend to buy Coleman because they have been making coolers for a long time.  Depending on your needs, the 7 day coolers work pretty well for keeping food & drinks cold.  The trick to them is making sure you keep the lids closed.  If you have kids they tend to not close the lids tight & then your stuff inside warms up & the ice melts faster.  I hope this helps for your use on the coolers you have now too.

      Thanks for  your comments & give Coleman a try.  The only thing you have to lose is warm food & drinks!

      SharonColeman Coolers – A Must for Camping!

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