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Buying camping equipment can be very expensive unless you know what to look for. This is the perfect time of year to find deals on all the equipment you need to go camping!

I am going to focus on clearance sales for tents since you really do need a tent as your first piece of camping equipment.

There are camping tents in all price ranges & sizes to fit everyone’s needs. These include 1 person tents as well as tents for large groups and anything in between!

Camping Tents for Beginners

If you have always wanted to go camping but haven’t done it because you don’t know where to start, then looking for sales on tents may be the best starting point.

Getting organized would be a great first step! I found when I first started camping that the easiest way for me to be organized was to make lists. I didn’t forget anything if I made lists because you really do need to cover all contingencies. For example, be sure to take clothes for summer & hot weather but also for cooler nights, depending on where you go camping.

The second step might be to find an appropriate sized tent that is easy for you to put up. Since prices vary depending on the name brand of the tent, shopping around is imperative to find a great deal on a tent! There are a ton of sales going on in the fall because most people only go camping in the summer.

The third step is doing some research on tents to find the one that would be easiest for you to assemble. Dome tents are usually very easy to put together as long as you follow the directions and can be done by 1 person, whereas cabin tents may require more than 1 person to put up at least until you get some experience!

If you are camping alone a small 2 to 4 person tent can be put up in less than 10 minutes and can easily be done by 1 person

Camping Tents for Pros

Most campers with experience will shop the sales sites online to find the best deal on the tent they want Having said that, if you are on a budget, searching for the best deal can take some time. I would recommend looking at all the features that you may want in a tent, such as:

  • A tent you can stand up in
  • More than one room
  • A tent that has a screened porch attached
  • How many people you will want to have room for
  • A tent with a dressing area & sleeping are that’s separate, etc.

Once you have decided on which options you want in a tent, then searching for the best deals is easy to do online. Just do a search using keywords for the options you want!


Camping Tents for Large Groups

This is an area that can be very challenging depending on what occasion is being celebrated!! A lot of the time all you need is a screen tent to keep any inclement weather from ruining the occasion!! When my family goes camping we have a screen tent to cover the picnic table at the campground so the bugs are kept away.

Sometimes, however, you may need an actual tent to accommodate your large family!! Family reunions are a perfect example of this or if you simply have a large family and you all want to be in the same tent!

There are a lot of tents that have rooms that can be added as your family grows so don’t be afraid to shop around. By being able to add rooms to your tent, you can give the children separate sleeping quarters from the adults. This gives the adults a little more privacy.

You also may want a tent with a screened porch that you can attach so that people can remove their shoes, flip-flops, sandals, etc before entering the actual tent. This helps to keep the dirt build up down in the tent.


Camping Tents for Smaller Groups

For a smaller group all you need is to choose how many people you want your tent to be able to hold & what type of tent you like best (i.e. dome, cabin, etc).

Depending on whether you are camping in a campground or a more secluded area, you might want to think about how well the tent will stay up in bad weather. This is important since dome tents when zipped up will fill with air & can be pulled out of the ground. Cabin tents tend to stay up better since they don’t fill up with air as easily as a dome tent.

If you go camping by yourself, then you want a tent that sleeps maybe 2 to 4 people at most, is easy to put up & take down, is water proofed & isn’t too heavy to carry.

Camping Tent Clearance Sales

As you can see, finding a tent may take some time in order to get what you really need, but it’s time well spent when you get to go camping by yourself to just connect with nature or with your family to connect with nature & them!!! It does help to make the camping experience more enjoyable for everyone!

It doesn’t matter what your camping needs may be, there is a tent that’s right for you! Taking the time to get the right camping equipment that will fit your needs will pay off in more free time to relax and enjoy the camping experience & the friends & family that go camping with you.

At this time of year all the most popular online sites such as Amazon, EBay & even Walmart have sales going on with some amazing deals available! No matter if you are a beginner, pro, small or large group there’s a tent to fit all of your camping needs!

Happy shopping everyone & most importantly, Happy Camping!!!

Please feel free to ask questions & leave comments below & I will respond as soon as possible!







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