Camping Food – Yum!!!


I don’t know about anyone else but when we go camping the food tastes so much better cooked on the grills & open fire than even cooking on the grill at home!!!

Being outside does make you hungrier!! You just can’t beat the fresh air & summer activities to boost your hunger!! The kids are especially hungry!!

I’m going to add some recipes that I’ve discovered & give some helpful tips on what is the easiest to bring & store. Being careful with storing food while camping ensures a fun time with no downside!

Food that stores well

Of course, items like chips, marshmallows, bread & butter or margarine as well as potatoes are easy to keep fresh.

Packages of bacon are easy too as long as you don’t open them until use & cook up the entire package. That way you don’t have to worry about storage. Eggs we put in plastic containers so they can be put in a cooler.

Soda or bottled drinks including water are easy to store without being cold then we put that in a cooler as needed to get them cold. Ice usually has to be bought daily unless you have a 7 day cooler then it will keep ice longer than a regular cooler. The key is to keep it closed.

Macaroni salads, potato salads & baked beans can be prepared ahead of time but they must be in tightly sealed containers so they don’t take on water in the cooler. We usually put them on top but they do have to stay cold!

Condiments like mustard, ketchup & BBQ sauce can be put in a cooler & kept cold without a problem.

We usually bring hamburger, hot dogs, brats, bacon. Food that is easy on the budget helps because people do tend to eat more while camping.

Chips & munchy food is so easy to store & helps hold you over while cooking meals. The kids especially get super hungry when they are camping cause they are using more energy running, swimming & just having fun!

Breakfast bars & granola bars are also good to have for them as well as fruit snacks like fruit roll ups!!

Foods to avoid bringing

Bottle of mayonnaise

We don’t usually bring mayonnaise or milk because they require refrigeration & don’t fair well in coolers. Bringing salads is tough enough.

Just to help the wallet we don’t bring expensive meat like steaks, shrimp or crab or lobster!

We tend to leave the fruits & veggies home too not because they don’t store well but because we are expending more energy than at home & we bring foods that stick with you more. I don’t know if that’s really good or not but it has become a habit.

Tomatoes are hard to keep because they get soggy if water leaks into the container & they are already sliced or diced. Also they need to be kept at a consistent temperature so they don’t get bacteria growing in them.

Camp Recipes

Potatoes are absolutely delicious if you put them in foil with onions & garlic powder. Be sure to bring cooking spray & spray the inside of the foil so they don’t stick to it & put some butter chunks in too!! Yum!

One more of my favorite recipes is baked beans!! I make mine with ham or turkey ham though because they have more flavor & people just love them!!

Not sure if this is a recipe or not but please bring everything you need to make S’mores!! It’s not just the kids who love these but the adults do too!!

If you have favorite camping recipes you’d like to share, please feel free to add them in the comment box below!! I would love to see what others bring when they go camping!

Don’t forget the meat!

Hamburgers, hot dogs & brats are a must have when camping!!! There have been times when we do bring steaks but that’s kind of a treat for us. There’s nothing that tastes better than a burger or brat or hot dog cooked on a grill!!

I know it sounds kind of boring so if you have suggestions here as to what meats you take camping, please share in the comment box!!

We always have kids with us & they love simpler foods anyway!!!


Cooler packed for a weekend getaway.

So not matter what you bring with you bring plenty of food or you will have to take trips to nearby towns or small grocery stores that can be super expensive.

The idea is to spend quality time with your family & friends & not have the hassle of shopping every day.

We tend to look like a caravan when we go camping but that’s OK!!! We get to spend time swimming, fishing, boating & hanging out around the camp fire that way!

Please feel free to comment, leave recipes, add suggestions or whatever you want to say to the comment box below & if you have questions, I will gladly answer them as soon as possible!

Thank you


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