Camping Clearance Sales – Bargains, Bargains, Bargains!



There’s absolutely no better time of year to get great bargains on camping equipment, supplies & accessories!

Everything is on sale from sleeping bags, beds, tents, stoves, camp showers, etc!

Buying these items in the “off” season is one of the best ways to get new camping stuff & get a great deal


Shopping – Online

I am thinking that at this point in the year (November) there isn’t very much left in stores to shop for when it comes to camping equipment, unless you live in a much warmer climate than I do!

So shopping online would be the way to go & that’s just fine with me! It is convenient & I can do it from my living room! I do really enjoy being inside watching the snow fly & shopping for warm weather stuff is amazing fun then!

The point is you can get some amazing bargains this time of year on camping tents & equipment, accessories and even boats online because most people are totally focused on Christmas shopping. By the way, if you want camping stuff for Christmas don’t be shy about telling your family that it would be ok with you to get that for Christmas!! They like bargains too I’m sure!

I doubt they will by you a tent or boat or anything really pricey unless they join together to buy 1 item that they know you truly want!! If your family does that, you are truly blessed!! However, individually they can purchase littler items that can be just as important & relevant to camping.

Shopping – In Store

At this time of the year I really haven’t seen too many stores that have a lot of camping equipment or accessories in stock.

However, specialty stores like Gander Mountain do so If there is one in your town, go look if you would prefer to shop for clearance bargains in store. Since hunting season is coming it’s a big possibility that these types of store do have a lot of items your looking for.

Another good store to shop is Cabela’s Bass Pro Shops. Besides having outdoor equipment on sale right now, their stores are just beautifully decorated for Christmas & it’s pretty cool to go shopping there.

Shopping – social media sites

There are several social media sites that have marketplaces where even though the items are used & being sold by private parties, you can find some very good deals on camping equipment & supplies.

Facebook marketplace is one of them & so is Pinterest! On Facebook at the top of the news feed page just click on the little store front icon & then it gives you categories to choose from.

It may take a little time to go through the ads on there but that’s what shopping is! Pinterest you just need to search for what you’re looking for like tents for sale or grills, boats, etc.

These are the only 2 sites that I know of but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there.

RV Shopping – Deals galore!

Now this may be the craziest idea yet but it seems to me since RV centers aren’t exactly congested right now that from now until spring might be the best time in the world to find a great deal on a camper!!!

I know it’s not exactly the same thing but they need to move their inventory also so why not stop in to see what kind of deal you can get if you have always wanted a camper??? What do you have to lose?


No matter what kind of deal you’re looking for in camping equipment, whether that is tents, RV’s, boats, grills, etc. now is the best time to shop for it!

Yes these items will be on sale in the spring but that is one of the highest volume times to shop for camping stuff. So the prices will adjust according the supply & demand!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please don’t hesitate to comment below & I will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you are interested in great deals on camping tents, equipment, or accessories click here!


Happy Camping!



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