Camping beds – comfort vs roughing it

In this day & age, our society has pretty much become used to instant gratification. What’s this got to do with camping beds you ask?

Well, let me tell you there are a lot of camping beds on the market!!! You can get a single depth twin air mattress up to a camping bed with a frame & on sale this is over $250!!

There are also double, queen & king-size mattress beds. The new trend seems to be with electric pumps in them to make it easier to inflate them!! There is also a queen size double air mattress with dual adjustable sides so you can adjust it to fit you & your partner can adjust their side to fit them. Wow!

Of course, if you are still a die hard go to the wilderness kind of camper you can still just bring a good sleeping bag & really rough it too!

Making a choice on beds can be a daunting task so doing research so you get what fits you is great & maybe I can help you with the information on this post.


Traditional camping beds

When I first started camping as a young adult, I remember just laying sleeping bags or blankets in our tents. Of course since I was young it didn’t bother me at all to sleep “on the ground” & I remember I slept really well & woke up totally refreshed!! Those days are over so now I need a little bit more than that to be able to get up in the morning!! LOL!

The changes in sleeping bags since then are astounding & there are literally hundreds to choose from.

You can find lightweight sleeping bags that are also compact & you can put in a backpack or just roll up if you are hiking into the mountains, woods, etc. There are also sleeping bags for two now but even if you don’t purchase something like this most sleeping bags can be zipped together.

Most sleeping bags are also made of lightweight nylon material & are washable so good sleeping bags will last for years of camping & will hold up really well. They also all have some kind of insulating material to keep you warm & toasty if it gets cold at night.

There is one more type of traditional camping bed on the market & that’s the camping cot!!

They have been around for a very long time & are very durable and last for years! Most of them are made of canvas & fold up for easy storage & transport. I could only find single cots but there may be double cots available.

You will be off of the ground in a cot but personally they don’t look all that comfortable.

Basic Air Mattresses

Most air mattresses can be purchased relatively cheaply & will help keep you off the ground so that you get a good night’s sleep. They vary in size from twin to king-size mattresses. They also come in various heights from double mattresses to double chambers for the mattress.

This really is a very comfortable way to camp & with an electric pump that runs off a car battery or one you can plug into a phone charger in the car makes it very convenient to use. Some mattresses now have pumps built into the mattress so you can pump it up any time you need.

Depending on how much you spend, of course, depends on how durable these mattresses are. They do, however, have patch kits available for them in case you spring a leak. That usually happens along the seams on the mattress.

Deluxe Air Mattresses

When I went looking for different types of mattresses I found an amazing variety!!! From the basic mattress to deluxe models and from $40 to $400!!!

The deluxe mattresses are really pretty awesome. You can get a mattress with double chambers so you are quite high off the ground or a mattress with arms like an arm chair & you can sit up or lie down depending on what you want to do.

The coolest innovation are the mattresses that have air pumps built inside to you can pump them up any time you need to do so. Since this is the second largest expense to camping it’s a great idea to shop around!!


Air Beds with a frame

Now this is comfort! A lightweight frame folds out & then the mattress has an electric pumps to inflate it & it even has a mattress cover with a zipper and side tables!!! You can find them for as little as $125 or as much as $400!!

This bed would be great for older people like me who have a difficult time getting up from the ground level!! If you want more comfort than an air mattress can give, this would be an option to check out!

There are, of course, a lot of varieties and prices so please shop around for the best value & fit for you!


Beds for Camping

Whether you want to really rough it & use sleeping bags or a cot only or you decide to go all out & get the best money can buy, the most important thing to remember is to get the best camping bed that fits you & your families needs!

It needs to be convenient to use without too much assembly or too much work. That takes away from your camping fun & experience.

With all the varieties of camping beds available there really shouldn’t be a problem finding what you want & at the price you want to pay.

Just like purchasing your tents,  please shop around to find what fits your needs the best!

Happy camping everyone!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or comments below & I will gladly respond as soon as possible!






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