Camping Air Bed – Coleman Queen Review

The Coleman Queen Air Mattress has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating with the customer reviews that I read. This doesn’t really surprise me because Coleman is noted for quality & durability in the products they make.


Velvet like plush top makes this mattress for comfortable for sleeping. The sueded top keeps sheets in place & you can use queen size sheets on this bed so no need to buy special sheets. It is 18′ tall when inflated so it’s easy to get off of the bed and that’s not easy when you’re older.


Extra thick waterproof comfort quilt top with extra spinal support. This air mattress is built with coil construction so it contours to your body for support and has reinforced construction also for durability.


Included with the purchase of this air mattress you get a 1-year limited warranty.

Quality Construction:

This queen size air mattress has a coil system for better support. Inflated it’s 78′ x 60′ x 18′. Air tight system is tested to be leak free.

Easy Inflating:

Compatible with Coleman Air Bed pumps (sold separately). Dual-sealed valve prevents leaks for all night firmness. Supports up to 600 lbs.

Easy Deflating:

Just pull the plug to deflate, fold the mattress in thirds as the air leaves & roll it up to store in the handy storage bag that’s included with your purchase.

Customer Reviews:

All the reviews I read except for one give this product at least a 4 star rating with several 5 star ratings.


Comfort & Support

Quality Construction

Air Tight System


Plastic smell that lingers

May not always stay firm

Inflating takes longer than a mattress with a built-in pump


Overall this air mattress seems very affordable, well constructed & tested and very durable. In my opinion, if you are looking for a great deal on air mattresses this product should do a great job for years to come.

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Happy Camping to You!


4 thoughts on “Camping Air Bed – Coleman Queen Review”

  1. thank you for all this valuable info about camping gear… i love camping with my family and dogs!  It’s going to help so much with prep next time we get to go camping.  I have never thought of vehicle camping either…car tents are such a great invention and thanks for the review on them.  

    1. Hi AlyseS thanks for the review & I’m so happy you liked my review!!  Good air mattresses are really necessary to good camping & restful sleep!  I love camping & so miss it when I can’t go!

      I’m also happy you found the car tents because those are truly amazing!  Camping has come a long way!

      Here’s the link to the website & you can check out all the equipment I have on my site: 

      Happy camping!


  2. Hey Sharon, 

    Great review for this air mattress, it looks pretty comfy and durable. I do lots of tenting in the bush where there is liable to be sticks and roots sticking up that have been pretty hard on some of the cheaper flimsier mattresses I’ve tried. I’ve also never heard of an air mattress with a coil system so that has me interested to see how comfortable it is. 

    Do you know how heavy it is? I expect being a queen size it will have a bit of weight to it and I don’t typically hike in too far but I don’t want to get something that I won’t be able to manage in my pack.


    1. Hi Tyler I went to the website to look for a weight & didn’t find one, however, it fits into a storage bag when deflated so I really don’t think it weighs that much.  All but one customer review I read raved about the comfort & durability of this air mattress.  I’m pretty sure I will be buying this mattress myself for camping this year too!

      Thanks for the review & happy camping!


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