Cabin Tents vs Dome Tents – Pros & Cons

Cabin Tents vs Dome Tents – Pros & Cons

Product comparison


Personally I prefer a cabin tent over a dome tent but let’s take a look at the pros & cons of each one.

Cabin Tents

Pros Cons

1. Have room enough to stand up in.                 1. Need extra long stakes to keep them grounded

2. More spacious inside                                        2. More difficult to set up.

3. Withstand storms well                                      3. Take longer to disassemble & pack

Dome Tents

Pros Cons

1. Easy to set up                                                      1. Not much room to stand up in

2. Easy to take down & pack                                  2. During a storm it can fill up with air & tumble away

3. Compact & lightweight                                       3. Less room inside


As you can see it basically boils down to choices and personal preferences.

Cabin Tents are a little trickier to set up & take down, however, many prefer them for the extra room inside & if staked down well withstand a storm better.

Dome Tents are easy to assemble & pack up & can easily be down by one person. They, however, are not as spacious inside & can fill with air & tumble away in a storm.

Please feel free to ask questions & leave comments below!  I will gladly answer them as soon as possible!

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The choice is yours!!! Happy Camping everyone!

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.  I will gladly answer them as soon as possible!

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