Bringing a boat, canoe, or kayak – Boating is great fun!

Going camping is absolutely great fun all by itself but bringing a boat, canoe or kayak really makes it a pleasurable adventure for everyone!


Boats – which kind is best?

Over the years of camping, I have used & enjoyed all types of boats from row boats to boats with outboard/inboard motors.

Of course there are all types of boats available to take camping & it does depend on what kind of activities you are going to be doing as to what type of boat will work best for you.

The whole family enjoys a speed boat that you can pull a tube behind or ski behind. It’s also a lot of fun to just take out in the lake & meet a bunch of people & enjoy swimming off the boat!

Most of the time we had some type of boat to go fishing because that’s what we really enjoy doing best! If you catch enough of the right size fish, you have dinner!!! Please follow all laws on size & type of fish you catch so you don’t get into trouble with the Game Warden.

You can usually find a good used fishing boat for around $500 to $1,000. Be sure to carry all the proper safety equipment on board including oars because I have had to paddle several times when the boat motor wouldn’t start. Life jackets & vests or pillows are a must & there has to be one for each person on the boat.


Row Boats – Are they still in use?

When I was growing up, you were able to rent a rowboat to take out on the lake. It was equipped with oars, life jackets, pillows, etc. I learned the hard way once that you should always make sure the oars are the same length because they aren’t always. Sure makes getting anywhere really tough.

Actually using a rowboat to go fishing is a very good way to fish. It’s of course quiet & that’s why you want to go fishing is not just to catch fish but to have peace & quiet! To decompress from the stress of every day living & get away from it all. Catching fish is simply the icing on the cake so to speak!

I’m not sure I could row a boat anymore but it would still be fun to try.


Canoes – fun & versatile

In recent years, my daughter purchased a canoe to take camping. It’s easy to strap to the top of the vehicle or tow on a small boat trailer & has lots of room to pack stuff in. It’s easy to take down to the shore by 2 people & easy to bring back to the camp site.

It’s also very easy to paddle & you kind of feel like your getting back to pioneer days by paddling around a lake in it!

You can also fish from a canoe & you really don’t need an anchor although you do need to keep an eye on where the canoe is drifting.

This is very relaxing & fun.



Kayaks – these totally look like fun!

Kayaks are one of the boats I have never had the pleasure to use. They do look like they are totally fun though. I have known quite a few people who own kayaks & swear by them. They will take them anywhere & even do white water rafting with them, which looks a fair bit dangerous to me, especially in a kayak!

They are more stable than I ever thought they were & for a very long time I wondered how they didn’t tip over all the time. On closer inspection though, they are pretty wide on the bottom & don’t tip over as easily as I once thought.

I really have to do more research on kayaks to see if it’s something I would like to try. Supervised of course.

I would think that a kayak is just for fun to get out on the water & enjoy the lake or river. Doesn’t seem like a feasible craft to fish from since there’s nowhere to put fishing gear. You also need to wear a life jacket with a kayak, at least I would because a life jacket or vest will help you if you do tip over. They are designed to come to the top of the water so it will help to get the kayak upright.



No matter what type of boat, canoe or kayak you bring camping, they do make camping more interesting & fun!

The entire family gets to join in & you get quality fun time together. At the end of the day, everyone has had a great fun day & after dinner & clean up, everyone sleeps so well. It’s a great way to spend time with the people you love!

Please feel free to leave comments and questions or opinions and do share your experiences in the comment box below!



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