Camping Air Bed – Coleman Queen Review

The Coleman Queen Air Mattress has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating with the customer reviews that I read. This doesn’t really surprise me because Coleman is noted for quality & durability in the products they make.


Velvet like plush top makes this mattress for comfortable for sleeping. The sueded top keeps sheets in place & you can use queen size sheets on this bed so no need to buy special sheets. It is 18′ tall when inflated so it’s easy to get off of the bed and that’s not easy when you’re older.


Extra thick waterproof comfort quilt top with extra spinal support. This air mattress is built with coil construction so it contours to your body for support and has reinforced construction also for durability.


Included with the purchase of this air mattress you get a 1-year limited warranty.

Quality Construction:

This queen size air mattress has a coil system for better support. Inflated it’s 78′ x 60′ x 18′. Air tight system is tested to be leak free.

Easy Inflating:

Compatible with Coleman Air Bed pumps (sold separately). Dual-sealed valve prevents leaks for all night firmness. Supports up to 600 lbs.

Easy Deflating:

Just pull the plug to deflate, fold the mattress in thirds as the air leaves & roll it up to store in the handy storage bag that’s included with your purchase.

Customer Reviews:

All the reviews I read except for one give this product at least a 4 star rating with several 5 star ratings.


Comfort & Support

Quality Construction

Air Tight System


Plastic smell that lingers

May not always stay firm

Inflating takes longer than a mattress with a built-in pump


Overall this air mattress seems very affordable, well constructed & tested and very durable. In my opinion, if you are looking for a great deal on air mattresses this product should do a great job for years to come.

For the best price & availability, click here!

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Happy Camping to You!


Coleman Coolers – A Must for Camping!

I don’t know about anyone else but there’s only one brand of cooler I buy and that’s a Coleman Cooler!

Coleman has been making quality coolers for a very long time & I have never had a bad experience with their products!

We usually end up with at least 4 coolers when we go camping because if you’re camping for 5 days or more you need to have enough food & beverages to last that long.

I don’t like running to a store every other day for food and I also like to only go for ice a few times at most while I’m camping.  Tip to get the ice to last longer & the food & beverages to stay colder is to be sure the lids are closed tight at all times!!  This is a challenge if the kids are camping with you because they don’t pay attention so you have to be diligent for them!!!

Food Cooler #1:

I like to have the food items you use a lot in one cooler, like all the condiments, eggs, margarine, fresh veggies & fruit.

Having these in one cooler keeps things more organized & then you aren’t digging through all kinds of coolers to get what you need for breakfast & snacks.

We try to take nutritious food on camping trips but sometimes you just need to put the Hershey s bars in sealed plastic containers that you can store in a cooler too. You gotta have S’Mores when you go camping!


Food Cooler #2:

In the second food cooler we always store pasta salads, bean salads, baked beans that are prepared ahead of time, meat that is sealed in plastic bags or containers, lunch meat for sandwiches, etc.

This keeps that organization going because the coolers we have will keep the ice in them for up to 5 days. However, they work best when you don’t have to open them constantly & .they need to be shut tight every time. This means you have to keep an on the children because they are notorious at not doing that!

Beverage Cooler #1:

We use the first beverage cooler for Milk, juice, drinking water, soda, coffee creamer, etc! This cooler will be opened & closed a lot so in order to save your ice & make it last longer, you have to make sure it’s shut after opening!!

A lot of the time camping we don’t bring soda but I know a lot of people do so I included it in the list. It’s not really that good for you or the kids but a lot of people drink it!

And yes we put drinking water in the cooler too because most of the time even if there is water available it’s not cold! Bringing one gallon of water with you is a great idea & then you can refill the water jug when it’s empty!

Beverage Cooler #2:

This cooler is for alcoholic beverages!!! Yes you are allowed to consume alcohol at camping grounds as long as the people consuming them are old enough! No underage drinking allowed.

So whether it’s beer, wine or hard liquor, that’s what gets stored & chilled in this cooler! We make sure the small children are fast asleep before we start drinking and the older children get to stay up. Very seldom does anyone get carried away with drinking but having a few around the campfire is OK!

People tend to sleep earlier when camping cause the fresh air helps you get tired early! So whether you’re young or old you’re probably going to be sleeping earlier than usual anyway!


I know this may seem like a bit of overkill to some people but when you have a family going camping means you bring a lot of food & beverages! The fresh air gives you a lot bigger appetite too! All the activities will too! Swimming is excellent for making you hungrier than usual.

I totally endorse Coleman as my cooler choice because of the quality construction of their coolers and I have never been disappointed by them. They are definitely worth every penny because they will last for years & years of use for the whole family!

If you have any questions, comments or opinions please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. I will answer all of them as soon as I can!

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Camping for Beginners – What an Adventure!

So let’s say your first time going camping you want to try it out by camping in a tent!

I have gone camping my whole life & to this day I make lists so I don’t forget anything. It takes a bit of effort to get there but as far as I’m concerned, it’s so totally worth it!

The rest of this post will explain how I get organized to go camping.

Buying a good tent – The most important thing!

Shopping for a tent is very important. You want a good quality tent and a lot of them come with warranties from the manufacturer these days.

Depending on the size of the tent you need, always plan for 2 more people. Example: if there’s 2 people going camping get a 4 man tent then you have room for baggage, duffel bags & to stand up and change clothes, etc. The rule of thumb is to go 2 people more than what you need. (6 people/8 man tent, 8 people/10 man tent, etc.)

I personally like cabin tents because they have more room to stand up in.

Sleeping Bags & Air Mattresses:

Good quality is a must here too! Our sleeping bags will keep you warm even if the temperature gets below freezing at night.

No need for pillows because inflatable air mattresses have pillows built right into them. They now are self inflatable too!

The biggest drawback to them is they don’t last more than a couple of seasons before they spring leaks. Usually around the seams.

There are sleeping pads of various types & varieties available also. I would check those out too but keep in mind the ground is pretty hard! You want to be comfortable or it will be really hard to get a good night’s sleep.

It’s a good idea if you decide to purchase sleeping pads to also get a ground tarp to put under your tent so the cold from the ground doesn’t come through the bottom of the tent. It should be a little smaller than the tent floor.

A total must for us is a big tarp with poles to put over the picnic table so we can have a shelter in case of light rain. Sometimes it will hold up under heavier downpours as long as they don’t last too long! It also provides shade on a sunny day!


Food & Coolers:

Ok this is where I make more lists!

One for food that will be stored in the coolers & another list for dry food storage.

Dry food like bread, hot dog & hamburger buns, chips, granola & breakfast bars, fruit like bananas will all be stored in a plastic container so that it can easily be stored at night & not left out. You can also include things like your table cloth, paper towels, plastic silverware, dish towels, dish cloths, hot pads, stick matches, clips that hold the table cloth to the table, etc. Easy light stuff that won’t hurt the food! Don’t forget paper plates (no foam or Styrofoam) cause you can burn the paper in the fire pit & used to help start your fires. You might not want to forget marshmallows, Hershey candy bars you might want to put in a Ziploc bag & store in a cooler & graham crackers for Smores! Don’t forget the coffee filters for your coffee pot!

This is very important because if you leave food out you are ringing the dinner bell for any animals in the neighborhood. Some of these are of the predator group like bears & wolves. So please be sure all the food is stored in sealed containers & closed tight so not to attract any animals! Even raccoons & skunks can cause a lot of damage to your camping equipment & set up!

Put any perishable food in coolers & leave enough room so that ice can be put in too! Make sure things like cheese & eggs are stored so the cheese doesn’t get wet & the eggs don’t get broken. I always use a second cooler for drinks, milk, juice, coffee creamer if you don’t like black coffee, etc! Garbage bags are a must to bring as well.

There are 7 day coolers that will keep your food cold for that long as long as you are diligent about keeping the lids shut tight! With children, of course, this is quite a challenge so be ready to make daily runs into the nearest store to buy ice.

Kitchen Supplies:

Oh another list!

This is a very large category for me cause I don’t like to leave anything behind I will need so this list is pretty extensive!

1. Cookware includes pots, pans, frying pans, coffee pot, any other pots you need to heat water for doing dishes, etc.

2. Utensils include knives, spatulas, tongs, big spoons to stir with, large forks, scissors, silverware like steak knives & big spoons & don’t forget a manual can opener just in case someone thinks canned beans are necessary!

Medical Supplies:

This is a very important list, especially if your children will be camping with you!

Please take things like band aids, gauze pads, medical tape, antiseptic pads, antibiotic ointment, bacitracin or if you are like me I make sure we have Watkins Petro Carbo salve. A lot of people don’t know what this is but it’s fantastic for cuts & abrasions that get infected & even bug bites! Peroxide is always good & cotton balls as well as alcohol pads to clean & swab. Be careful you don’t do the alcohol on an open would cause it will clean but stings like crazy! Be sure to have some burn cream, but repellents spray, Vaseline, sunscreen, etc.


Last but not least the clothing list!

You need to bring clothes for summer like shorts, t shirts, bathing suits but you also need to bring warm clothes.

I always pack a jacket, a sweatshirt, & a coat in case it gets really cold. I don’t usually worry about a rain coat because garbage bags work well!

Bringing jeans, pj’s, long sleeve shirts that are comfy & soft are great. Don’t forget to bring sandals, flip-flops, tennis shoes and any other footwear you want.

You also need towels for the beach, towels to dry yourself with after you bathe, wash cloths & personal hygiene products. This list is totally up to you but the basic are toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, hairbrush, face wash, body wash, lotion &/or moisturizer.


We always bring a dish pan, dish rack, shower set up, water jug for fresh water, extra rope for typing down tarps, extra poles for putting up tarps (in case you need to make a shower for privacy) & don’t hesitate to bring anything else you think you might need. It’s better to have it than not!


In conclusion, it’s a little bit of work to go tent camping but for those of us who really love to do this, we start at the beginning of the week before & make our lists & start packing whatever we can!! It takes planning & perseverance but it’s so worth it to have fun with the kids & de-stress away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life! If you’re fortunate enough to have a canoe or boat to bring along that just means more fun in the sun! Don’t forget the fishing poles & all the stuff you need to go fishing!

If you would like prices & availability for any of these items & more, please click here/

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Thank you & Happy Camping!


Product Review – Coleman 9 person Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent

It has not failed to amaze me as to how much camping has changed! It’s growing & expanding in leaps & bounds!

Anyone who has ever wanted to go camping & be comfortable can now do so, whether you’re in a camper, RV, or tent!

I love seeing this recreational activity grow although it will get a lot more crowded out there!


This tent comes with LED lighting in it! It of course runs on batteries (which are not included) but no more fumbling around looking for a flashlight in a dark tent!!!

It was suggested that the lighting can be used as a night light for children but I’m not sure if that’s an entirely safe option since the light may draw animals to it at night.

Ceiling Fan:

There also is a battery operated ceiling fan. Most of the reviews were not very impressed with this option except for one person who bought a battery pack for his & he said it worked like a charm! So just using the batteries it calls for may not be enough to get a lot of benefits from this.

Personally, I like this idea so buying a battery pack to get it to operate at maximum capacity is no big deal. The idea of being able to take a snooze in the middle of the day is a bonus! After all, you’re camping so you can be able to do what you want when you wan to!

Spacious Interior:

This tent sleeps 9 people comfortably. There is enough room inside to have 2 queen size air mattresses with room for belongings & other stuff! Since it’s a cabin tent you have enough room to stand up in it to change clothes, dress, etc. Interior measures 10X14 feet!

Easy Set up:

The set up is easy with snag-free poles & insta-clip suspension! According to the reviews it’s super easy to set up & with just a little practice one person can easily do it by themselves!

Waterproof Exterior:

This tent has the patented Weather Tec system & rainfly. What that means is water runs off of it & keeps the interior extremely comfortable & dry. Read a lot of reviews that raved about this feature!!

I personally have had horrible experiences with tents saying they were waterproof & then not being waterproof so this is a big bonus!

Quality Construction:

This tent includes high quality material and workmanship! Most customer who have purchased this tent have given it a 5 star rating!


Made to last for years and year of camping fun. As always, when packing up your tent, it should be dry. If it’s not dry, it’s a very good idea to set it up in your yard at home to let it dry completely!

Customer Ratings:

Overall, this tent has been given a 4.2 star rating out of 5. That’s really good & I only saw one rating that was good. All in all this tent in my opinion is a very good buy! I saw a lot of rave reviews that said it was fantastic & had a 5 star rating!


I am very impressed with this Colemand Prairie Breeze tent that sleeps up to 9 people & has lights & a fan!!! That’s amazing!! It’s durable and made from quality materials, waterproof & stays dry & comfortable in storms. There’s room for 2 queen size air mattresses with extra room because the interior is 10 X 14 ft. On top of all that it’s easy to set up & take down!

If you would like prices & availability on this product, please follow this link.

If you have further questions, want to leave a comment or opinion, please feel free to do so in the comment box below. I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Camping!


Camping Cookware Sets – Pick the Best Cookware for You!

I don’t know about anybody else but camping cookware has never been new cookware!

We always save the good cookware for home & use the old beat up stuff for camping!

However, looking at what’s available now & the fact that it’s not really that expensive, I’m thinking it’s time to reconsider!!

Check out these sets that are available for camping!


Titanium Cookware Sets:

Until this post I never knew there was cookware made from titanium!

There aren’t many listed on Amazon, however, the ones that are from Keith Titanium. They come with a guarantee of quality workmanship & a warranty against defects.

Keith Titanium is the only titanium distributor authorized by Amazon so I’m sure there are more titanium distributors out there. This item would be a good fit for people outside the US since they are manufactured overseas!

They feature silicone coating on the handles so they won’t be hot to the touch & because titanium is ecofriendly and non-toxic they are safe to use in any environment.

It is ultra-light, super strong & corrosion resistant so it will last for years of use!

Stainless Steel Cookware Sets:

Stainless Steel Cookware seems to be one of the most popular!

It is lightweight & stores easily. Most of the sets I looked at nest inside each other so they are very compact!

Can be used anywhere and on any surface whether that’s camp stove or open fire, stove top or conduction cooking surface!

Easy clean up makes it not only convenient but the durability ensures use for years whether cooking over a campfire or in the kitchen.

Aluminum Cookware Sets:

The Aluminum Cookware sets are really lightweight & compact!

They are easy to clean up & the handles fold around the pan so they can be stacked together for storage.

Very durable & most of the sets are very reasonably priced!

Whether you’re backpacking, camping or hiking these can be carried in a backpack & most come with utensils & at least 2 place settings of dishware, including glasses or cups!

Cast Iron Cookware Sets:

Personally this is my choice because I’m old & it’s what I grew up using, not only in the kitchen but camping as well.

Case Iron is a little more difficult to use. The sets I saw are preseasoned for use but they will stick if they aren’t seasoned correctly!

Correct seasoning is as follows: A lot of people will not use soap on cast iron because it will make them stick. I’m not one of those, however, so I use soap to wash them, then to properly season the cast iron I coat the bottom with salt & cook it until the salt turns brown. You will notice that it sticks in spots so use a spatula & move the salt around. When you have finished this process, oil the pan well & then store with oil on it. That keeps it seasoned & prevents rust.

I have people tell me I’m crazy because I love cast iron to cook with but once you get used to it its amazing how good the food tastes!

You can stack the cast iron pots & pans, however, please realize it’s a lot heavier than other cookware!

The advantage to cast iron is you can use it to defend yourself!!! The handles won’t come off & you can give someone a concussion if you hit them in the head with it so bears beware!


As with most everything else for camping this is a personal decision. It depends on your needs & what will work best for you.

Some cookware sets have a manufacturer’s warranty for defects for a year so that may definitely affect your decision on which set to buy!

All the cookware I looked at is reasonably priced & will last for years of fun and camping adventures!

For more information & prices, please click here.

Please leave any comments, questions, concerns or opinions in the comments box below & I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Camping to All!


Product Review – Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent, 8 ft

Have you ever wanted to just get in your truck & go camping?

Well now you can!

I have researched the newest trend in camping & believe I have found a top of the line product in the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent!

Check out the features of this great tent!


Made to last for years of use with Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas!! It’s durable, watertight & breathable!


The unique cord weave construction makes this tent totally waterproof but gives it the advantage of air flow! Stands up to all types of weather including snow. It is not able to withstand a large snow accumulation however so keep this in mind when camping in snow country!

Also, there is no floor in the tent so you can’t put tears in the bottom!! A sleeping cot or truck bed air mattress will definitely be needed & will make this tent comfortable for sleeping.


This tent has a grand total of 5 windows which provide excellent ventilation & openness, including a cab access window! Because of the roof type overhang on the front & back you can open the windows & not worry about rain coming in the tent during a rain storm.


Sturdy 3/4 inch steel tube frame connects to the clamp on rails that easily mount on the truck bed for a secure fit.

Recommended by several customer product reviews is to buy 4 inch C clamps because the 2 inch C clamps that are included aren’t strong enough to hold the tent in the truck bed during bad weather.

Great Design:

The tunnel shaped design maximizes interior space with a 5 ft ceiling height that spans the length of the truck bed. Putting the tailgate down also expands usable space.


The spacious tunnel shaped interior this tent is easily accessible & the great part is being off the ground so you don’t have to worry about small critters getting in while you’re sleeping!


This tent sleeps 2 people comfortably. With an 8-foot truck bed it’s possible to have room for small children is needed.

Camping Convenience:

You can either go to campsites or you can go off-road & make your own campsites!! Anywhere you can park your truck you can go camping!



Overall this truck bed tent is a very good deal!! It’s designed to give you years of camping pleasure. You can camp anywhere you can park your truck whether that’s a campground or wide open spaces. It does take a little practice to set up by yourself but is very doable! The only thing I saw in reading customer reviews is getting heavier C clamps to hold the tent in the truck bed.

So if you’re in the market for a new adventure & a little more freedom to roam about while camping, please follow this link here to your camping destination!

Any questions, comments, remarks or opinions are welcome!! I will get back to you as soon as I can & thank you for your feedback!

Happy Camping!


Product Review -Tepui Explorer Autana RooftopTent

In this post I will be talking about a relatively new trend in tent camping – Rooftop Camping!

Rooftop camping is literally putting a tent on top of your car, SUV or mini van to camp in!!  You aren’t on the ground & have a ladder to climb up into your tent!!

The other alternative, of course, is attaching the tent to your vehicle.  This is also an option if you think it’s too precarious on the top of the vehicle.  For the sake of this article, I am concentrating on the rooftop version.

Product Description

This is a four season tent that sleeps up to 3 people that will endure the elements of any season and climate.  The sleeping footprint is 56 X 96 inches.  This product has a 5 star rating!


Tent fabric is UV & mold resistant to withstand the elements of any season.  An extended warranty is available for 2 or 3 years for a small additional charge.

Accessories include:

An extended private canopy entrance, a removable annex which is great for changing clothes & a high density foam mattress for added comfort.  You can easily swap out the canopy depending on the season & weather conditions.  Additional canopies are sold separately.

Required Equipment:

If your vehicle didn’t come standard with a roof rack then you need to purchase a roof rack & either install it yourself or have it installed.  This is the base for the tent & you will anchor the tent to the rack.

Easy Assembly:

All rooftop tents come with assembly instructions & you just need to follow them step by step to successfully mount your tent to the car top.  There is also a video showing how to install this particular tent onto your car roof!

Air Ventilation:

Mesh panels offer plenty of ventilation & are open for more air flow.  This is very important because it can get pretty hot inside a tent during the day.  I have slept in my vehicle and believe me,  you have to get up early because once the sun is up, the inside heats up pretty fast!


This tent is totally folded up for you when you take it out of the box so once you have the ladder attached & all the nuts & bolts in place on the roof rack you just turn the tent package over & attach it to your car roof.  When you are done camping you just fold it back up & collapse it into itself, put the tie downs on it & you are set to go!

Inside Storage:

There are even 4 large internal pockets for storing gear & camping accessories inside the tent!


In conclusion, if you are looking to take advantage of the newest trend in camping,  Putting the tent on the top of your vehicle may just be what you’re looking for!  The options are pretty varied so you do have some choices here.  You can do a tent on top of the roof, attach a tent to your car & if you have a pick up truck, you can put a tent in the bed of your truck!  The choice is yours!

Not sleeping on the ground is very appealing to a lot of people & you get a high quality, durable product that will last for years of camping fun!

If you would like further information to prices & availability click here.

Please feel free to leave comments, questions or opinions in the comment section below.  I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!

Thank you & Happy Camping


Have you ever thought about camping in your vehicle?-Check Out These Options!

I have done this a few times.  But not quite with the plush tents & mattresses that are available now.

A lot of the options in this post include mattresses, canopies & awnings.  It  just depends on which deal you choose.  

Happy shopping everyone!

Check out the new options for camping in your vehicle.

Vehicle Camping – Roughing It!        

When I had my Ford 1/2 tone pick up truck with the campershell, I did put a full mattress in back & slept there when I went camping.  It was comfortable enough but there wasn’t great air circulation so getting up early was necessary.  

When I owned my Jeep Cherokee I folded the back seats down & used an air mattress to use this as a tent & sleep in it.  The same problem was the lack of air circulation inside the vehicle so getting up early was necessary.  

I’m sure this is still done by some people but there are other alternatives today!  Let check them out!

Truck Tents – The First New Option!   

This is an amazing way to go camping!  The tent is packed up in the back of your truck until you reach your destination.  The destination can be anywhere you can park your truck!  No campsite or campgrounds necessary!  

Upon arrival, unpack the back of your truck, inflate the air mattress that is specifically made for a truck bed, make your bed & then set up the pop up tent that fits the back of your truck bed cause it was built for it!  

All the comforts of tent camping & you don’t have to sleep on the ground.  Packing up is a breeze and you can even buy an awning or canopy to go with this set up!

SUV Tents – The Second Option!

Now since not everyone owns a pick up truck, all the SUV owners have camping options also!  You have two options actually.  

First, you can get a tent that will sit on the ground, however, it attaches to the back of your vehicle to give you a tent inside the vehicle with an etended tent outside the vehicle.  You will put your air mattress inside to sleep & have an extra room to store clothes, change clothes in & even have a seating area inside your tent.  

Second, if you would rather be off the ground further, you can have a rooftop tent that goes on top of your vehicle!  There are awnings & camopies that can be added for the outside to give you shade to make a sitting area.  

Either option is fantastic & it’s totally a personal choice.

Car Tents – The Third Option!

No we didn’t leave out the automobile owners.  It will make it easier if you have a hatchback, station wagon type vehicle but you can actually find air mattresses that fit the backseat of your car to comfortably sleep.  There are options to attach a tent or a the very least a screened annex to your vehicle to give much needed air flow without being eaten alive by bugs!

I wasn’t really sure in what category to put the tents for Mini Vans but these are also available!!  These are like the car tents & they attach to side sliding side door of you van!  This is a great idea since Mini Vans are roomier that a car!

There are a lot of options to choose from with these types of tents.  Most of the tents that fit in the SUV category can be used here including the rooftops tents! 


No matter what type of vehicle you own, there is a tent option availabel for you!  

The best part of these options is they all pack up & are easily stored either insde or on top of the vehicl.e.

You also don’t need a campsite or campgrounds to go camping.  Anywhere you can park legally you can camp!!  This gives you a whole new world of camping options and outdoor adventures!!!  

It seems that camping is in a new trend and the future is wide open to fun and adventure for anyone wanting to get outdoors & enjoy their environment!!!  

Anyone interested in exploring options on these types of tents all you need to do is follow this link to see some amazing deals on

Any questions, comments & opinions are welcome & I will respond to all as soon as possible!

Thank you & happy camping!


Camping space heaters – good or bad??

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve been camping at times when the weather takes a turn for worse!! I’m not just talking about thunderstorms, although this can be really scary!

I’m talking about when it turns cold all of a sudden & now you’re trying to stay warm & freezing your toes, feet & body!!!

Now if I’m camping & it does that I’m still not going to want to call it quits & pack up the campsite & go home. So how about investing in the space heaters to keep you warm inside the tent!!

That totally sounds like a fire hazard but the space heaters that are on the market today are amazing with all kinds of safety features and are very safe to use in a tent!

Propane Tent Heaters:

These heaters are portable & just hooks up to a small propane bottle. They give off a radiant heat that will warm up the tent & keep the chill off until morning!!

All the heaters I have read about have safety features like shutting off if they tip over. Please read all instructions & safety features on any heater before you buy it to be sure it will be safe to use inside a tent! Not sure if this is true with a propane heater because you usually have a valve that you open to let the gas flow to the heat source.

Recommended for emergency heat, tents, campers, workshops, job sites, porches, patios, decks, garages, storage buildings, picnics, tailgate parties, construction trailers, sporting events, barns, sheds, hunting blinds, shelters and ice fishing shanties

Propane heaters will also automatically shut off at higher elevations if the oxygen levels become too thin & will shut off if they get overheated.

Radiant Portable Electric Heaters:

If you’re fortunate to camp where there are electric hook ups available, then an electric space heater will do a very nice job of heating your tent to keep you warm

They also have safety features built in so if they tip over, they will shut off. And if in higher elevations, they shut off automatically if the oxygen level is too thin!

A lot of them have thermostats on them so that you can set the temperature you want & it will automatically keep a constant temperature.

There are recommended uses on all the heaters I have looked at and a lot specifically say for heating tents, ice shacks, hunting blinds, etc.

Comparison Shopping

By all means, please comparison shop when looking for any equipment for you camping fun!

Most of us want to have fun, enjoy family & friends, unwind from our every day hectic lives & enjoy the outdoors. Please make sure whatever you are buying is the correct product for what you are going to be using it for.

Not all portable heaters are created for heating tents so please read all the information available & if you are shopping in the store, ask as many questions as you need to ask to be satisfied you have gotten a good product that will last.

Propane or Electric – You be the Judge!

Personally, if there are electric hooks up sites available I would definitely feel more comfortable with an electric space heater rather than a propane space heater.

This is just simply because I feel like all the safety features in the world can’t plan for everything. I am super cautious when it comes to sleeping in a tent with a heater even if the material in the tent has been treated with a flame retardant.

Better to be safe then sorry.

Most of the sleeping bags made today will help you survive some pretty cold temperatures. If it gets that cold, you can always leave & come back the next day to pack the camp up & vacate to warmer climates!! You also can try to tear it down at night & toss it all in the vehicles to be sorted out at home.


Whether you decide on Propane or Electric or none at all, the choice is of course yours! Having options for such equipment isn’t a bad idea & I have successfully used a tent heater without any ill effects. The idea is to camp & have fun & if you’re freezing, it’s not much fun as far as I’m concerned!!!

In conclusion, please follow your head on this one & buy a heater if you feel you need one or not if you don’t!

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Happy camping to all!


To Glamp or not to Glamp?


It seems the newest trend in camping is called Glamping!

This form of camping is a lot more glamorous & is designed for people who want to enjoy the outdoors but want all the comforts of a 5 star hotel.

As I was researching this topic, I realized there are probably a ton of people who would love to do this! It makes a great vacation getaway & you get to enjoy being outside too!

Campers – Glamping 101!

Most people start glamping when they move up to a camper!!! This is not the same as an RV Camper because we are talking basic camper with no amenities!

You can get them new or used but most have room to sleep anywhere from 2 to 8 people & have the basic kitchenette, bathroom with shower & toilet & if it’s a deluxe model it may even have a crank out awning on the outside!!!

There is also a table with benches that converts to a bed, usually a double bed in the front or back, sometimes both front & back & that’s about it!!

This, however, is “better” than an air mattress in a tent! I say that with a tad bit of sarcasm because camper mattresses are not exactly as comfortable as an air mattress, especially a queen size double deep air mattress!!! You don’t have to worry about losing air though so that’s a benefit

RV Camping – Glamping 201!

RV Campers today have all the amenities including electrical hookups so you can operate the refrigerator, microwave, TV & lights!! It’s like a home on wheels!!! They are even air-conditioned so you can go camping in style!

They also are equipped with a vehicle dolly on the back so you can bring the family vehicle to drive when you reach your destination & not have to take the RV into town for whatever necessities you may need. Most have rack on the back for bicycles too!

Besides the basics, they have luxury mattresses & the big bedroom is in the back. There’s a privacy curtain you can close in the front & usually the seats fold down & out to make another bed in the front of the RV. j

Deluxe models have multiple bedrooms on either side in the back of the RV so you can take a lot of people to wherever you’re going.

They have a full kitchen with microwave, stove & sometimes a dishwasher too!

The bathrooms are fully equipped facilities that are usually larger than a regular camper!

The bedrooms feature closets & are roomier than a camper.

They also have the outside awning that cranks out but a lot of times there’s also an outside stove that slides out of the RV for cooking. This is camping in luxury!

Glamping – Vacation style!

If you truly don’t like being in nature in the RV or tent fashion, you have the option to rent a vacation style Glamping palace not far from where you live or far, far away from where you live!!

The only thing you need to bring besides yourself are clothes!! Just like going to a 5 star hotel all the amenities are provided for your enjoyment!!! They literally are popping up all over the world!!

You can camp out on a tropical beach, go to the Grand Canyon, or Zion National Park. How about downtown Manhattan except on an island where Manhattan is your view?

If this is your idea of paradise it can be had at a per night rate and you can even have room service!!!

How amazing is that?

Glamping – Resort style!

Nothing beats going on safari without being on safari!! For the ultimate experience you can rent a luxurious huge tent with all the comforts of home & be surrounded by beautiful rain forest or amazing sandy beaches with beautiful blue seas!!

Some of these resorts require that you bring food but most have restaurants or general stores in the area to shop in. They are offering adventure in the outdoors with luxury accommodations to sleep, eat & relax. You will be able to keep your connection to the outside world with WiFi available in most of them!

This is a great way to get away from it all while being close enough, depending on the location you choose, to make trips into urban America and see the sights! You can even take in Broadway shows or shop in high end boutiques & stores!

This gives a whole new twist on family vacations that not too many people have thought about!! However, the popularity is gaining momentum so don’t wait too long or reserving a spot could get to be a lot harder it is now!


Glamping seems to be the wave of the future for a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t get out in nature because they just don’t like roughing it!

If you find you are one such person, never fear, glamping has arrived! So start planning that next getaway & have a blast going somewhere you didn’t think would ever be possible for you to enjoy!

Any comments, questions, suggestions or ideas can be left in the comment box below & I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Glamping!