Camping Accessories!!!!

There are so many accessories for camping to choose from that it’s mind boggling!!!

Since I always make a list to keep myself on track, I make a list!!!! And stick to it especially if you’re on a budget! Everyone’s basics are different so just take your list & go shopping, whether that’s at the local sporting goods store or an on-line store.

Some of my basic needs are a stove, kitchen stuff to cook & eat with, tent & sleeping gear, clothes, shower facilities (which can also be your own rather than public), canoe or boat. Of course, every time I go camping with my family it’s a whole new adventure for us.

Getting a shower where there are no facilities for that can be pretty tricky if you don’t plan for it.

If you choose to go off the beaten path, then having a portable camping shower is a necessity. It can be very embarrassing to try to rig up a bathing area if you don’t have a lot of privacy!!!

Camping Shower Basics:

There is a very large variety of showers available to choose from so this really is a personal preference type of thing.

However, the basics are a shower head, hose & bag that you hang up on a tree to take a shower when camping. Even in the basics you still have quite a variety to choose from. For instance, you can add an enclosure to your basic shower as well as a heating unit to have warm water instead of cold. We always just heat the water over the campfire so we have warm water to bathe with.

This is still very minimal equipment & will pack up in a compact unit for storage.

For those more discerning campers, there are some amazing units that are available. They also have the price tag to go with them so looking for sales would be a good way to go if you prefer more comforts in your camping shower.

For the minimalist camper and great metal wash bowl, a water supply to help rinse off the soap & a bit of privacy to towel off are all you need!

Any way you choose, keep it clean out there & also take the environment into consideration with chemical free products to bathe with!

Camp Stoves/Campfires – Cooking Outside

Now to choose a good camp stove that is compact & easy to transport!! The varieties are as diverse as the campers themselves so once again this is a personal choice!!

A small hibachi grill is perfect for camping & we have a small propane stove to make coffee in the morning!! Otherwise, we cook over the campfire.

If you make a campfire a cooking spot a flat large rock is ideal so you have a platform to place hot pans on! There are all sorts of tripods with a wire rack hung on it & you place your pans on those to cook. This can be a challenge at times!

Some of our best meals are done at our camping spots!

Kitchen Stuff!

Don’t forget all the stuff from your kitchen that you need to cook with & serve food on, etc!!!!

If you have kids like we do, you have to bring everything & the kitchen sink in a portable state!!! People sometimes make fun of me for making lists but if you need something while we are camping, I’ve got it! LOL

I have older pots & pans set aside for camping as well as all the rest including a table cloth for the picnic table & metal brackets to hold the table cloth down in windy weather!!!

I also have paper plates, paper towels, plastic utensils, plastic glasses, cooking utensils, spices, corn holders for the corn on the cob!! Yum!!

Speaking of food, coolers & ice are in order. We usually have 2 large ones for food & 1 large one for liquids!!! Then of course you need buns, bread, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, condiments, etc.

This does seem like a lot of stuff to bring but the big plastic totes are ideal for all of this & keep your food dry & you don’t have to worry about attracting animals to your campsite!

Sleeping gear & clothes!

Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, air mattresses or beds & clothes!!!

I don’t know about where you live but I live in the North so we always have sleeping bags cause it gets hot during the day but cools off at night even in the middle of a hot summer!

So our basic accessories in this category are sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, air mattresses & clothing!! That pretty much fills up a tent!!

I personally have never had a bed but I am looking into one because getting air mattresses blown up takes a bit of effort & then the mattresses only last a season or two. After two or three years you have to replace them & that gets pretty pricey even at sale or clearance prices.

I also like my creature comforts so a nice warm comforter & pillows are necessary to put over the sleeping bag or just to have if you don’t want to use the sleeping bags. I have to have my pillow so I am comfortable and that’s all there is to it!!

Last but not least bringing an assortment of clothing is really necessary if you live in an area where weather changes quickly. In the Northern part of this country it can be beautiful one day & freezing the next!!! So you have to bring summer & what I like to call dismal weather clothing! Short, tops, swimwear, sweatshirts, long pants, socks, tennis shoes, flip-flops & a couple of warm coats should make camping a little more comfortable.


As you can see going camping takes a little work & a lot of organizing!!

We use big totes so we don’t have to have so many of them & when it comes to the kitchen stuff be sure not to load too many pots & pans & skillets in one tote! You do have to be able to pick it up & carry it!!

Clothes can be in hand held bags like a duffle bag, suitcase or whatever works for you.

Please don’t forget food & drink & the coolers to put that in!! It will be a very short camping trip if you do!!

Sleeping bags & bedding can be put into large garbage bags so they are all over the place & the bags can be used when you get home so you don’t waste them!



Any comments or suggestions may be left below & by all means, have a good time!!